10 Idea Provoking Questions to Leave You Interested and Wondering

When was the last time you had a really good conversation? One you could walk away from and still think about for hours afterward? I bet you’re struggling to come up with a time when that happened. Many of our conversations today are filled with a lot more junk than they are thought provoking questions.

We jabber about the weather and other nonsense but don’t actually have real conversations. Problems in the world aren’t addressed in our discussions and we end up walking away not having made a good use of our time conversing.

Why having good conversation matters

We need to be having discussions that are challenging to us. People need to challenge our thoughts and ideas in order for us to grow as people. When we only ever have one viewpoint – our own – we never really consider other possibilities and perspectives.

Thought provoking questions that’ll leave you thinking about the important things

I know it’s hard to conjure up some great questions while you’re in the middle of a conversation. That’s why we’re here. We have some of the best thought provoking questions you can ask to get the conversation moving along in a beneficial direction.

The next time you’re deep in conversation, ask one of these to take it to the next level.

#1 What do you think the world would look like if we lost all electricity forever? This is a great question for a lot of reasons. It’ll help you see just how much the person thinks about the way society works. Would the world find a new government or would it just be chaos always?

#2 Do you believe there could ever be 100% world peace? The topic of world peace seems to be discussed a lot, but it’s really not at all. Ask them how they feel about it. Do they think it could ever exist or not? This question can lead to many other important topics, too.

#3 If there was one thing you could do forever to make you happy, what would it be? This is definitely one of the thought provoking questions that’ll tell you more about them as a person than anything else. It’ll give you insight to their deepest desires. However, it can also help build a new conversation on happiness in general.

#4 What would your version of heaven look like? Whether or not they think heaven exists is irrelevant here. This is more about what they’d want their afterlife to be like for eternity. Is it much like your life now or would it be a completely different place?

#5 Do you believe there’s such a thing as an afterlife? Speaking of afterlives, find out if they think it exists. This will help you see how deeply they think about these types of things and can also give you some insight to new theories of the afterlife.

#6 Do you believe each person has a soul? The idea of people having souls is something that’s been debated for a very long time. It can lead to really deep discussions about the inner workings of a person’s spirit.

#7 What’s the one thing you wish all of humanity had the ability to know or feel? We as people feel and know different things depending on our cultures and religions. But if there was one thing all of humanity should know, what would that be? Asking this will be sure to open up a whole new world of thought provoking questions and conversations.

#8 Do you ever think there could be a world leader that has power over all countries? The idea of a world ruler has always been put down. They’ve been made to be villains, but does that mean a world leader would be bad? Find out just what they think about a world under the rule of one person.

#9 If aliens really are out there, do you think they’d ever make themselves known even if they knew about us? Aliens are a tough topic to talk about sometimes. We may never if there are some out there or not. Discussing their existence and interaction on Earth can be an intriguing, thought provoking conversation.

#10 What are some things you regret that could’ve changed the path of your life? This may be a more personal question, but it can evoke many deep thoughts and discussions. When you discuss regrets, you can learn more about a person and they can give you a lot of perspective from their experiences.


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