10 Date Ideas If Your Partner’s Love Language Is Acts Of Service

Sometimes, actions can speak louder than words — especially if your partner’s love language is Acts of Service! Out of all the love languages your partner could have — including Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gift Giving, and Quality Time — Acts of Service is the language that can be hardest to plan dates for. The reason for this is because a date can’t just involve spending money on them or a typical romantic gesture (although those can certainly be a part of the date!) Instead, you have to really find a way to show them you care about them specifically and their interests. You want you partner to know their happiness is your goal! Here are some date ideas that can do just this.

10Cook For Them

This date idea is a cliche, but it’s only cliche because you can’t go wrong with it! A homemade meal that you put your time and effort into will really charm you partner with an Acts of Service love language — especially if it’s their favorite meal! Don’t have that much experience with cooking? Your partner might just be even more charmed that you tried and went out of your comfort zone for their sake. Don’t forget to make the setting romantic — candles and flowers are a must! This date idea will really touch your partner’s heart.

9Get A Couples Massage

Everyone loves a massage! What makes this a good date idea for a partner with an Acts of Service love language is the fact that it shows them that you care about their relaxation and their feelings. If they’ve been super stressed at work lately, a professional massage might just do the trick! Feel free to indulge in some other relaxing spa day activities too, like facials. And if your partner isn’t into the idea of getting a rub-down from a professional, you could always buy some massage oils and have a relaxing night in as an alternative.

8Go To A Museum Of Their Interest

Does your partner geek out over a particular topic? If one of these interests involve art, history, or science, then there is bound to be a museum that caters to them.

Suggest a visit to a museum that has a focus on the thing your partner is always rambling about, and your partner’s heart will melt with the knowledge that you have actually been listening intently to them and paid attention to the things they like. A museum date will especially go far if you yourself find the topic kind of, well, boring. He’ll totally appreciate that you sacrificed a night of Netflix and chill to indulge one of his passions.

7Have A Painting Night

The best kind of gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Though you partner’s love language might not be gift giving, what if the gift was something you created yourself and was sentimental to your relationship? There are plenty of pottery and painting studios where you can paint a keepsake for each other, making for a perfect date night. Even if your art skills aren’t that great, it’s the thought that counts for someone whose love language is Acts of Service. Some pottery studios even have candlelight and wine for some added romance!

6Buy Tickets For A Show They’re Interested In

If you’ve been with your partner for a while now, you know their favorite band! Keep tabs on when they’re on tour and coming into town and surprise your significant other with tickets to their show. There are other kinds of shows your partner may be interested in too — poetry readings, dance recitals, and musicals could all charm your Acts of Service partner. Once again, showing your partner that you pay attention to their interests and want them to have a good time will completely attract them every time.

5Pay For Dinner

When someone has Acts of Service as their love language, dates that just involve spending money won’t be what wins them over. It’s the intent behind spending money and the idea that you’re doing a favor for them that has them falling for their partner.

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If your significant other usually pays for dates, start throwing in some money of your own. Take turns paying for dates, or split the bill. Showing that you care about their budget and don’t want them to stress over money is totally an Act of Service.

4Work On A Project Together

Has there been something around the house that needs fixing that your partner keeps saying they’ll get around to? Is there a room that needs painting? Try and plan a day for both of you to work on it together. Yes, tasks like these can absolutely appeal to your partner’s love language! Helping them out with their projects will warm their heart. If those kinds of projects don’t sound too fun, there are plenty more entertaining DIY projects you can find online. Just dedicating a day to work on something together can only bring you closer.

3Volunteer For A Cause They Care About

If you’ve ever volunteered before, you know how rewarding it can be. Not only will giving back to others with your partner bring you closer together, they’ll especially fall hard for you if you try and advocate for a cause that matters deeply to them. A quick internet search can provide you with hundreds of volunteer opportunities that you and your partner can make a date of. Helping out can be both fun and romantic, and the bonus is you’re making a difference in the world! If your partner’s love language is Acts of Service for crying out loud… need we say more?

2Show Up For A Lunch Date

If the monotony of the workday is starting to wear your partner down, try brightening their day by planning to stop by during their lunch break. You can take them to their favorite restaurant or even bring them their favorite homemade meal. Most importantly, they’ll have you to talk to, vent to, and laugh with. If you know for a fact that your partner is in for a stressful day at work, cheer them up by letting them know you’ll stop by for lunch. They’ll be looking forward to it all morning, and they’ll feel so loved knowing you care about their happiness at work.

1Picnic In The Park

A picnic in the park is always a winning date idea, especially if your partner is a fan of nature. Pack up their favorite meal and head to their favorite park. Maybe your partner loves dogs, and there are plenty of adorable dogs running around the park that you go to. Maybe your partner is a fan of peace and tranquility, in which case you can take them to a serene and private spot to lay down your blanket. It’s all about looking into the little things that will help you plan the perfect date for a partner whose love language is Acts of Service.


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