10 ‘Crazy’ Signs You’ve Caught Terminal Feelings

You already know you caught feelings, but how bad is it? If you’re a girl doing any of these 10 (maybe crazy) things, then you’re in deep. This list does not include “thinking of them when you hear a love song” or “thinking of doing future things with them.” This list is for us pure crazies only: You know who you are.

1. When you’re out driving, you suddenly notice the make and model of their car everywhere—and then you break your neck checking to see if it’s them or not.

2. You are aware that you have chosen to overlook some things, like their love of anime (not that there’s anything wrong with that, you know).

3. In your day-to-day happenings, you notice that you’ve taken an out-of-character interest in their interests. Like, when did I start loving motorcycles?

4. When you finally do see them, you knee, kick, and blatantly run into a lot of furniture… or walls and doors.


5. When you say a lot of not nice things about them to your friends when you’re mad, but you’re totally prepared to defend them like your political beliefs if and when the same friends start saying not nice things about them too.


6. Every single time you hear a text ping, you want it to be a text from them to you. Every. Single. Time.

7. When your feelings are requited, your energy level is at a B12 shot.

8. You have made sure that your first name sounds good with their last name. (Deep.)

9. If they tell you they like something about your appearance, you recreate it all the time. Example: You like my glasses? Okay, I’ll wear them ALL the time, now.

10. When they stink (literally), but you love it.


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