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Your Haute Horoscope Is Here, Styled By Motilo

If you’re anything like us, clothes are your creative expression. We love browsing the racks of a bespoke boutique as much as we live for a thrift store treasure hunt. But we can also get majorly befuddled — not to mention slowed down — when it’s time to whip an outfit together. And who has all day to fuss in the closet? We’ve got people to see, horoscopes to write!

So we were thrilled when the stylists of apped us to collaborate and pull together a lookbook of 2020 pieces for each of the 12 signs.  With our astro download, the savvy Motilo team even made a shopping list for each member of the zodiac. Aquarius, we know you won’t be able to resist these Sophia Webster platform sandals for SS2020 . Virgo, you can rise above the normcore ranks in this classic white jersey tee from T by Alexander Wang.


Hop on over to Motilo — a site that has become one of our new go-to’s for styling advice — and see what we’ve selected for your sign. As Sagittarians, we are psyched to design the perfect travel outfit, especially with our April 18-24 Become Your Own Astrologer retreat ahead!

You might also peruse the Motilo pulls for your rising sign/ascendant, since this governs your outward expression (businesslike Capricorn for us). Check the tips for your Venus sign too, since the planet of beauty and style has a major influence over fashion choices. (Ours is in Scorpio…meow, baby, so we’ll take two of these, thanks!)  PS: Don’t know your rising or Venus sign? You can do your chart for free on our site and solve the mystery.

And if you find yourself having a fashion crisis, Motilo’s got a fleet of stylists who can answer your questions — a lifehack we are loving during this busy January!


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