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How Venus Moving Into Capricorn Will Improve Your Love Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Venus moved from free-spirited Sagittarius to commitment oriented Capricorn on February 3rd so there will be a shift in the air of how we handle ourselves with love and money.

The vibes will be all about examining how you view your current relationship or what you truly want in a partner. In other words, you will be looking at your partnerships and seeing if it adds value to your life. If it doesn’t then you will move forward and open yourself up for a dating situation that brings stability and true happiness.

In a balanced relationship, however, this transit will help you look at things seriously, taking the connection to the next level or just connecting on more of a deep level. You can expect the two of you to become closer and work together as a couple to build the long-term stability you always wanted with another person.

If you are newly dating someone and it is stable things will take a serious turn in a good way where you head towards more of a committed relationship. This will be a time where you are able to tell everyone it is official on social media with confidence that you and your person of interest are a couple.

For those who are single, this will be a time that you reassess your values and come to a place where you make yourself secure so when you do pick a partner it’s the right choice for you. Rather than jumping into dating situations you will hang back in your approach to ensure that you are not wasting your time with someone who’s incompatible.

There is an attraction to others who might be older than you because the Capricorn energy causes some age differences in relationships with it being a mature sign and all. And if they are not older, then you will be drawn to old souls and established types with a ton of life experience.

An air of aloofness does tend to coincide with this transit, the Capricorn energy in Venus is more reserved and takes longer to warm up to others. So, there will be situations where you meet someone, and it seems like they aren’t interested, then come to find out they were totally attracted to you.

Also, this aspect causes some shyness so some people won’t be bold or flirty because they are too nervous to put themselves out there due to a vibe of modesty influenced by this reserved zodiac sign.

Money is dealt with in a responsible way that ends up paying off later on. This is an excellent time to make long-term plans with your finances and finding a way to become successful in your career, or launching your own business.

The Effects of Venus in Capricorn On Your Zodiac Sign.

How will this planetary shift affect you based on your astrological sign? This list below will help you understand how Venus in Capricorn’s energy will affect you. Also, feel free to relate this to your Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign for the perfect fit, you can even mix or match them to get more out of this reading.


Single and mingling: Your vibrant personality will attract people who need to loosen up and have fun. You’ll be in situations that allow you to meet established types or connect with those who are slightly older. There’s a chance you could encounter this person through mutual friends or co-workers who invite you out for a fun night. Also, that office crush will finally become consistent and confirm they are indeed interested in you.

All coupled up: Your dating situation is taking a turn for the better, you and your partner are working together in perfect harmony, it’s like the two of you are finally on the same wavelength. Additionally, this is an ideal time to be open and honest about what both of you really want from this partnership. This will lead to taking the next steps in your romance.


Single and mingling: Your philosophies about dating will become more open-minded at this time which will give you more options in your dating life. The themes around your love life will have you out of your comfort zone but in a good way. Be social because going out to artsy events like a paint and sip night, poetry readings, and anything to do with cultured events will be where you find your person of interest.

All coupled up: Venus is your ruling planet so you will feel this transit by being more in touch with your sensual side. If you and your other half require an adventure, this is going to be the time for the two of you to get out of the house. This is an excellent time to make plans for travel, but if that is too pricey a staycation combined with a night on the town at a diverse new restaurant will be a fun escape.


Single and mingling: Deep connections are going to be what you attract this month. There’s a ton of intensity in your encounters, the people you meet are going to come off like they have soulmate vibes, or it just feels as though there is a ton of chemistry between you and this new person. Your curiosity will lead you to strike up a conversation which will be great for attracting potential partners that want a real relationship.

All coupled up: This is going to be a time when you and your person are connecting on a deep level. There is a meeting of the minds, and intense attraction for one another causes your relationship to experience a resurgence. The level of passion in your relationship reminds the two of you why you are together and puts you guys on the path to fully committing to each other.


Single and mingling: In this Venus transit you will be attracting people that know you, in other words, acquaintances, co-workers, and those you’ve only looked at as a friend. The energy for your love life is building up into something that will become a long-term serious relationship. Going to foodie events will get you in front of the right people for potential love or a good wine bar where you can meet sophisticated types.

All coupled up: Venus passes through and showers your relationship with romantic vibes. The two of you will be enamored by each other wanting to spend much needed alone time. As a result of spending quality time with your partner, a commitment is made, the energy of this transit brings your connection to the next level, and the two of you work on your future.


Single and mingling: You’re just having a regular day, and suddenly you are attracting those who are generally in the background, meaning the townies in your area, that you never even consider as potential partners. Your alluring energy is magnetic so you could be getting attention from people at your local gym, those in service industries in your area, even a cute delivery person. Sometimes the people that were right under your nose the whole time are the ones you should be open to because it leads to a steady relationship.

All coupled up: Venus transit energy ignites your relationship, and you finally get the attention you deserve from your partner. The two of you become so close that it almost causes you and them to grow consumed with one another. You and your partner are going to have an epic time together just doing the little things. Even if they seem like mundane outings, these small adventures will bring you two closer together


Single and mingling: If you are seeking more of a playful mate to get you out of your dating rut of the same old same old then the Venus in Capricorn will bring just that. The ones who are attracted to you will be the outgoing and adventurous types. Also, you will attract the ones who are bold with a beautiful sense of humor, and the cool thing is that they won’t be afraid to pursue you. There is an air about them that is charming plus honest which will cause you to let your guard down and give them a chance.

All coupled up: Because of this transit you are going to have the urge to get all dolled up, and your spouse will be on the same page as you. You guys will be looking for a fun night out, seeking adventure and wanting to have nonstop action. You will be all about getting out of the house after being cooped up from all this cold winter stuff and go out on fun dates. This would be a great time to go to the theater and catch a play or grab some advanced tickets to see a movie at the luxury theater where you guys can lounge together and sip wine while enjoying a flick.


Single and mingling: Get back in touch with your inner Venus- it’s your ruling planet after all. Pamper yourself with a little bit of self-care before you go out; doing this will help you radiate an aura that is alluring and attracts the right kinds of people. The vibes around you are chill, so the best scene for you is like a house or dinner party, meeting mutual friends that have love potential. There will be a caring side to the one you end up picking, and they are actually stable on all levels. Also, if you decide to stay in and hibernate from the weather some potentials could come from social media DMs or a dating app you chose to sign up for.

All coupled up: This would be a good time for you and your partner to hang in and cook a romantic dinner with one another, watching movies and playing games for two. Also, a lovely spa or couples self-care day can be just what you guys need to take the edge off.


Single and mingling: The vibes from this transit will cause you to attract the cute, flirty, and nerdy types with long term potential. This is fantastic energy for meeting people around your area, in other words, fun venues in your city that allow you to communicate without having to scream over the loud music would be perfect for meeting that new person. Go to places with an intellectual tone to meet stable types with relationship potential. Also, someone you’ve had your eye on for a while DMs you in a way that’s respectable and leads to hanging out with them.

All coupled up: You and your person radiate couples goals, this transit brings out the best parts of your relationship. The two of you are having a meeting of the minds, you guys are on the same page with everything, and are finishing each other’s sentences. Your connection with one another is so intense it is almost telepathic. Use this time to seek out some local travel like a short road trip or stay-cation at a rad bed and breakfast in your local area.


Single and mingling: The Venus transit through Capricorn has you looking at what you really value in a relationship. You are ready for good things to happen in the love life that offers you security finally. Because you aren’t afraid to keep an open mind this will lead you to the right kinds of people that have the potential for a relationship. Your aura attracts those you usually wouldn’t date because they seem too pretentious, but this time it pans out to be a nice person who just so happens to be established.

All coupled up: Adventurous vibes fill your relationship, and all of the fun and excitement bring the two of you closer together. Live music venues will be a great place to hang and get you guys charged up. You two will have the urge to indulge in some excellent wines and gourmet foods. This is going to be a time for you guys to spoil one another with lavish gifts and admiration.


Single and mingling: Typically, you are cool with not being the center of attention, but the Venus energy in your Zodiac Sign will cause you to let your hair down and enjoy the fact that you are alluring to others. Your confidence is at an all-time high which attracts the right kinds of people to you. Suddenly, you have attention on you for the right reasons and are drawing consistent types who aren’t just approaching you because you’re a pretty face, it’s because they really want to get to know you.

All coupled up: The Venus energy is causing you and your partner to realize how much the two of you are into one another. This is a time for you and your partner to express feelings, letting your hair down and just being yourselves. There is a new spark between you two which causes your relationship to take a turn for the better.


Single and mingling: The introverted types will be drawn to your original style and unique way of doing things. They might come off as shy and aloof at first making you feel like there was no connection on their part, but they were all about you. This is going to be the person who is hard to read at first but ends up becoming consistent in their pursuit of you.

All coupled up: There is a psychic connection between the two of you. Your relationship hits a level of romance that is intense and dreamy. Hidden feelings are finally revealed in a good way, solidifying where the two of you are going in your partnership. It is like being in a fairy tale with the one you are supposed to be with; there is a soul connection with you and your partner that confirms they are the one.


Single and mingling: If you are usually the shy type of Pisces then this is going to be a time you are more communicative with others. This leads to surprise invites to social gatherings or just venturing out to parties you usually would not attend. Because you are more outgoing than usual, being at these events is what causes you to meet your new person of interest. They are the extroverted type, with a unique spin on life, which is usually not your speed but there is a connection, so you give it a try.

All coupled up: Venus brings a ton of harmony to your relationship causing the two of you to express what you truly want from one another. You and your partner are ready to get back out there after a slow January and socialize; this is going to be a great time to do double dates with your friends and try out some of the cool avant-garde venues in your area. This is the month to get out of your comfort zone and shake things up in your relationship.

Transits to Venus in Capricorn.

Let’s look at the planetary energies connecting with Venus in Capricorn and see the surrounding vibes to this sign plus planet. Go to Astro.com to see where these transits are in your chart on a personal level because this portion of the reading is about the collective, not individual.

Venus SemiSquare Sun: Alluring Energy.

This aspect is going to be great for attracting what and who you want in love. There is a vibe of being alluring to others or vice versa you could be drawn to someone who exudes s*x appeal, they will be genuinely compassionate and have an artsy flair to them. This is excellent for a date night, so go out to open mic nights and live music events to meet a potential partner or go out on a date

Venus SemiSquare Mercury: Really Think About What You Need in Your Love Life.

You are going to really consider what you want in a love relationship, this is a time to think about what you need and not be superficial about looks or how much a person has in their bank account. There is a tendency to focus on the things you don’t like due to insecurities on how you measure up, watch out for gossipy people or those who kiss and tell.

Venus Trine Mars: The Perfect Yin and Yang Chemistry.

Harmony in relationships across the board, both romantic and friendship. Opposites attract with this aspect so you can expect someone to come in that is a compliment to your personality and love style. You will feel flirty and ready to be social. Your artsy side gets an extra boost from this due to the highly creative energy.

Venus Trine Uranus: Unexpected Adventures and Romance.

Love for the free-spirited types! This is going to be great for attracting a partner who is as unique as you and loves freedom. Your taste in partners might be different than usual so you could go for alternative types or someone who is a polar opposite of you. Even with the slow influences of Capricorn energy, Uranus will play a role which causes a sudden romance in your life sweeping you off your feet that turns into a relationship.

Long-term Stability.

Sustainability is more possible during this period of Capricorn in Venus, anything you are trying to work on with regards to love, career, and your finances will have long lasting results. Take this next month to build a foundation for these areas of your life because it will manifest into the stability you truly deserve.

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