20 Things Boyfriends Really Want from their Girlfriends

We know every guy is different, and of course, what he wants from his girlfriend is going to be, well, different. But have you ever wondered what boyfriends really want from their girlfriends? His needs are probably different from what you would expect. But what they really want from you is more driven by non-tangible things.

Now, we asked different guys the same question, and here are their answers:

1. God fearing
“Not I want but I need her to become God fearing because it’s already a mixture of loyalty, honesty, and positive attitudes.” — Cladgedon Argawanon, 22, Entrepreneur

2. Pure Love
“As a boyfriend what i really want from her is just the pure love that she can offer to me everyday in our relationship. With that love, we can make every moment memorable and make our relationship even tighter and stronger. And I believe, if there is love every factor will follow. She can give time to me, she can trust me and can be trusted too, and will be loyal and faithful.” — Reylando Ramirez Garcia, 21, hotelier

3. Understanding
“Understanding, because it gives her and our relationship the opportunity to grow and be stronger. When your girlfriend knows you better and understands even your inner thoughts and feelings, there will be no communication problems and fighting over petty things. Understanding makes a relationship more mature and last longer” —Vic, 36, Entrepreneur

4. Trust, Honesty, Love, and not expecting too much
“I want her to trust me, stop overthinking, and stop being jealous. With my honesty, I also want her to be true to me and answer me with honesty every time I ask questions, even though she did something wrong. Furthermore, I want her not to expect too much from me as her ideal boyfriend before, and not to be insecure with other girls. And lastly, I want her pure love, it’s the most powerful emotion a human can experience, well everybody wants to be loved by their gf/bf and that’s what makes a relationship stronger.” — Isan, 20, Web Developer

5. Kindness
“We don’t necessarily want to have a beautiful girlfriend or a perfect partner because a beautiful face gets old, while the kindness of your girlfriend remains forever.” — Jhuniel E. Balasbas, 23, Student

6. Loyal
“First, as a boyfriend all I want from my girlfriend is to be true and loyal because once you break the TRUST it will never be back. Maybe it can but it will take a lot of time.” —  Ezra Adrian Labarda Perez, 23, Networker

7. Caring
“What I really want from my girlfriend is her caring attitude, because he takes care of me.” — Adriel Leyes, 22, Virtual Artist

8. God-fearing
“You know you’re assured that she will not cheat on you if your girl is God fearing” — Mac Simbajon, 22, Photographer

9. Maturity
“What I want from her is her maturity, because it is an all-in-one package in a relationship.” — John, 21, Web designer

10. Love and Time
“All i want is love and time; with the help of these 2 elements our relationship will become stronger.” — Romar, 21, Student

11. Honesty
“All I want from her is honesty, people nowadays are so easy to get so i believe that honesty would be a great reason for a couple to stay healthy and strong in a relationship.” — Rey, 21, Hotelier

12. Augmented Happiness
“The love I get from a girlfriend serves as an augmented product that gives augmented happiness. That’s the thing every guy should look for in a girl.” — Nald, 21, Hotelier

13. Loyalty and trust
“I want her loyalty, and her trust towards me.” —  John Vincent Cordero, 20, Student

14. Communication, Treatment, and Confidence
“As her boyfriend, i just want my girlfriend to continue how she treats me. I also want her to be more confident on everything and believe in herself and more importantly keeping the communication on top of our relationship.” — Red, 28, Web Developer

15. Love and attention
“What matters most to me is her undying love and attention because despite of all the disappointments I give her, she still continues to love me. Aside from that I want all her attention, it may sound selfish but I want to be her priority more than anything else.” — Maldito yohn, 22, Student

16. Caring, Simple, God-fearing, Respect herself, Loyal, and has time
“What I want from my girlfriend is her time, care, respect to herself, and being god-fearing. But of course more than that, I want her to stay faithful and loyal to me, that’s what most of the boys are looking for in a girl.” — Kenneth Maata, 21, Student

17. Love
“All I want from my girlfriend is love, to love me just as I am and most of all my flaws.” — NA Ontuca, 21, Student

18. Love, Care, and Support
“Love, because that’s the most important thing in a relationship. As long as she just let me feel how much she loves me, I am more than lucky enough to have her. Second, care, because it’s sweet if your girlfriend is caring. And lastly, support, I want her to support me in every decision I make and I’ll do the same to her.” — Mark Otep Lasaca, 21, Student

19. Trust
“Upon having a 2 years Long Distance Relationship I want her to Trust me, I also do trust her ‘coz trust is one of the key to make any relationship stronger. Not to think bad things I do when we’re far from each other.” —  Jaise, 20, WebDeveloper

20. Sweetness
“What I want form my girlfriend is to be sweet, because it can make a relationship strong.” — ANTS, 20, Student

Every guy has a different checklist for what he is looking for in a girl. Guys only want the real you — YOU that is the core of your heart. If you focus on all the heart-stuff, all the non-tangible things, you will give your boyfriend what he needs the most.

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