12 Things Happy Couples Talk About and Feel Closer!

One of the best things about being in a relationship is having someone to talk to about everything that crosses your mind.

When you are in a happy relationship, it may seem as though there is nothing that you and your partner don’t discuss.

But then again, there are some topics of conversation that you may find yourselves repeating rather often.

Happy couples have some of the richest conversations, because the topics can stretch from the past, to the present, and look forward into the future together.

These conversations are rich and meaningful *even if they just seem silly or trivial!* and indicate that your relationship will continue to be a source of happiness for a long time.

Happy couples and the 3 stages of conversations

What are the things that happy couples talk about? We’ve listed out twelve of the most common conversation topics for happy couples.

If these conversations sound like the ones that you have with your partner via text during the day, over a late-night supper, or during a long car trip, you can be confident that you are doing your relationship right, and progressing together as a happy couple, in the right direction! [Read: 12 things happy couples do that makes them different and enviable!]

Happy couples talk about the past

#1 Fond memories. The best part of being a happy couple is that you have happy memories to look back on. Reminiscing with your partner is an excellent way to remember the fantastic times that both of you have shared together, and reminds you why you love each other.

#2 Childhood. Filling your significant other in on parts of your childhood helps them to understand where you have come from and why you are the way you are. These stories also knit together not just the two of you, but also the other important family members in your lives.

Sharing these parts of yourself can make a relationship deeper and more meaningful, and childhood experiences often make for the most fantastic of stories! [Read: 25 topics of conversations that always make couples happy]

#3 Bittersweet memories. While happy memories may be the most fun to talk about, the hard things that you’ve crossed paths with often explain more about your personality than anything else. By sharing these conversations with your partner, you are demonstrating trust *chances are, some of these memories are the ones you hold closest to your heart*, and also showing them a more emotional side of yourself.

Bittersweet memories often include the people, lessons, and experiences that you hold the most dear to you and sharing them with your partner brings the two of you much closer together.

#4 Obstacles you have overcome. Even the happiest couples have had to overcome hard times and misunderstandings. However, just because these fights or misunderstandings have long since been solved doesn’t mean that you never discuss them again. By talking over the past struggles, happy couples are able to learn from the past by identifying patterns and behaviors that need to be repaired or modified in their relationships. [Read: 8 perfect conversations that make pillow talk a lot better]

Happy couples talk about the present

#5 Their feelings. One of the most important factors in the communication of happy couples is their ability to share their feelings honestly with each other. By keeping your partner attuned to how you feel, they would be in a better position to judge their own actions and reactions. And at the same time, communicating about feelings always increases the clarity of your communications. [Read: 10 reasons trust issues crop up in love and 5 ways to banish them]

#6 Their day and their daily lives. In today’s world, it is rare that couples are able to spend all day together. Happy couples are able to lead separate lives, but make a point of filling each other in on what they’ve accomplished or endured during the day.

By communicating the day-to-day events of their lives, happy couples are able to understand each other better. Knowing the little details of your partner’s job or hearing about all the people they interact with everyday shows interest in all parts of your partner’s life, not just the time spent beside you.

#7 Inside jokes. There is nothing more hilarious than being able to make your significant other laugh hysterically by saying a single word or making a certain face. Having jokes that only the two of you understand brings you closer together and gives you a surefire way to survive boring dinner parties or work functions!

The best part about inside jokes is that they have a tendency to grow more humorous over time – and no one else will understand why the two of you have tears of laughter rolling down your face.

#8 Individual preferences. Happy couples have no difficulty communicating their preferences – favorite kinds of movies, music, or evenings out. Being honest, and trusting that your partner will love you anyways is incredibly important to creating a happy and healthy relationship.

After all, if you feel that you have to constantly hide parts of yourself from your boyfriend, girlfriend or your spouse, you will never be fully comfortable and confident with your significant other. Happy couples trust that their relationship is strong enough to handle honest discussions about preferred activities, events, or entertainment. [Read: 15 tricky things that perfect couples always talk about and feel more connected]

#9 Embarrassing moments

Embarrassing moments can be some of the most mortifying parts of your life, but they can also be some of the most ridiculous ones too! Being able to share funny stories that don’t always cast you in the best light is a sign that you trust your partner completely and know that they will love you no matter what.

Sharing embarrassing moments is a great chance to laugh with your significant other, and to stop taking yourself seriously. It can be incredibly endearing to hear about the times you have both made fools out of yourselves, and that will bring the two of you closer together.

Happy couples talk about the future

#10 Plans. When you are in a happy relationship, any big decision is discussed between the two of you before any steps are taken. This shows respect for each other and a desire to include the other person in decisions that will affect the both of you.

Happy couples make plans together, especially if the decisions are hard ones that will have an impact on the relationship, but they also talk about the small things like planning a dinner out with a friend. Asking for your significant other’s input about the plans you make even on an individual level, shows your respect for them and the appreciation of their opinions. [Read: 16 silly bad habits that can really hurt your romance]

#11 Hopes. Happy couples make sure that their conversations include discussions about what they hope will happen in the future. These discussions might be about what you hope will happen in your relationship specifically, or what you hope will happen professionally.

While having a strict 5-year-plan is not the solution for many relationships, having a good understanding of what both partners expect from their future, both as partners in the relationship or marriage, and individually, always helps communication in love.

Having a basic understanding of what they are hopefully moving towards as a couple is important for happy couples, and ensures that both partners will be able to stay happy as the relationship moves forwards. [Read: 9 relationship stages every single couple goes through in love]

#12 Dreams. The best part of being with someone who you trust completely is that you can share your biggest dreams with them. These dreams can be as serious or as silly as you want, but trusting your significant other with these things that you hold close to your heart is the key for happy couples.

It is easy to be jealous of happy couples that seem to have everything figured out and still have unlimited topics of conversations all the time.

But with a little effort, trust and communication, you can have these conversations in your own love life too. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that’ll make your partner feel connected and loved]

And the best thing about these conversations in your own relationship *regardless of how happy you currently are*, is the fact that it’ll strengthen and build a happier relationship. After all, these conversation topics demonstrate honesty, enjoyment of each other’s company, and mutual respect – the best building blocks for any relationship.



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