10 Must-Read Relationship Advice for Guys

Are you having a difficult time making a woman happy? Are you a guy currently in a relationship but are getting confused and tired as to how to please your girl? Well, being in a relationship does a lot to any couple –it pushes them to grow up, grow together, and adjust and align to each other’s quirks and qualities. Indeed, just like any other man, you may have started dating this girl because of the things you liked about her, but when your bond grows stronger and deeper, you also get to know each other better, including your respective flaws. But how should you deal with it when the realities of your relationship begin to sink in and it’s not the way that you were anticipating?

If you’re currently looking for ways to improve your relationship, then these must-read tips of advice for guys may just come in handy:

1. Always stay sweet –just like you did during the courting phase.
Remember during the courting phase when you were always sweet and affectionate? Well guess what: that’s one of the major reasons your girl said “yes” to be in a relationship with you. It is normal that over time you two become accustomed to each other’s company and eventually the sweetness level decreases. You don’t have to let that happen, though.

Rather, make it a point to be conscientiously sweet. Treat her to a surprise date, hold her hand while you two walk down the street, and kiss her on the forehead before saying goodbye. These may not be grand and lavish, but she takes these to heart each and every time.

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2. Be patient. Especially when your girl goes shopping.
Patience is a virtue, both for men and women. But admit it, it is a test of patience whenever you and your girl go shopping, or these days when she takes couple shots, pictures of your food and posts them to Instagram, and many other small activities that eat up your supposed quality time together. Aside from that, there are instances when your attitudes clash and she’s not going to be the one to make the first move to apologize.

Well, in this regard, all you have to do is to learn to be patient. Rather than be upset with how she handles your time together, it’s best to look at it as her way of celebrating pride and joy for having you as her man. Girls just see things differently, and you have to accept that.

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3. Don’t answer back when she nags.
It’s common for girls to nag when they are angry, upset, or frustrated. They nag when they are emotional, and most especially when they don’t get what they want. It can be totally irritating when a girl nags, but it’s never the best recourse to retaliate by answering back.

Regardless of the problem, let her lose some steam. Maybe nagging is her way of letting go of her emotions, and wait until she calms down and comes up with more rational statements. She just wants to be heard, so hear her out.  

4. Communicate.
While she wants to be heard, she also always wants to hear from you. Hence, talk to her. Take the time to talk to her not just about problems and proposed solutions, but also of your aspirations for your relationship. And yes, don’t forget to ask how her day was, and how she thinks and feels.

Communication is two-way. You talk and she listens, and vice versa. Give her the floor to speak so you can listen, because when she speaks, she speaks from the heart.

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5. Don’t take her for granted.
It is very common for guys in a relationship to take their girlfriend or wife for granted under the notion that their girls “are always there.” Know when and how to prioritize your partner especially when you are faced with situations wherein you need to choose. Sure, your girl will support you all the way, but what if you become preoccupied with other commitments and your commitment to her begins to fade?

Taking her granted can lead to serious relationship problems in the future. You may not realize it right away, but you’re already losing her piece by piece until one day she just disappears not only in your relationship, but in your life as well.

6. Don’t make decisions without her knowledge.
Girls love surprises, that’s true. But when it comes to major issues, don’t keep her in the dark. Don’t ever make decisions without her knowledge. Girls hate it when they are not prepared. They also don’t want to be the one to clean up the mess done by their man without being informed about it beforehand.

Talk to her about your plans, not just for your relationship but your aspirations as an individual. Tell her about your decisions and listen to her side as well. You may not come up with a decision you both agree on, but informing her about these makes her feel important and respected.

7. Indulge in sweet nothings.
She always loves the romance. She may be strong and independent, but she can’t resist being seduced with sweet nothings. Give her chocolates and roses, even when there’s no occasion. Take her out to a movie, or to some place she likes. Have a date under the stars. These things matter, and these are the things she takes to heart.

8. Be honest.
It’s very difficult to be honest sometimes, but hey, the truth always sets you free. Tell her how you think, how you feel, and what it is you want to say at a particular situation, especially when you know she needs to hear it. But at the same time, being honest doesn’t mean you have to be blunt to the bone; you can say the truth in the sweetest and kindest way possible as well.

9. Respect her at all times.
Always be mindful of respecting your girl, and this can be exercised by doing simple gestures such as opening the door for her to walk in to not staring at other women whenever she’s around. It is also important that you recognize her feelings and intellect at all times, and that you treat her as an equal, a partner and not a subordinate.

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10. Have dreams. And work on them.
Lastly, it is important that as the guy in the relationship, you have aspiration for your partner and for your relationship. Be the one to spearhead plans and the direction to fulfill them, may these be travel wanderlusts or long-term companionship. She loves it when you lead the way, and the more she will indulge to hold your hand and walk by your side.

Relationships are an everyday rollercoaster ride. Savor every moment of it, and do your best to make it for keeps. When your girl sees through all your efforts, she’ll definitely stick with your throughout the journey.

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