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This Is Your Going Out Personality, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Our zodiacs tell us a lot about our personalities. When we go out on a Friday night, traits of our personality that aren’t always present tend to come out. We all have those certain kinds of people we see at the bar or within our party groups. Somehow, the traits of your zodiac do a pretty good job explaining why you are the way you are when you go out.

It’s also worth checking your rising sign to better understand your first impressions and your energy in a social setting.

So how are you on your night out on the town?

1. Aries

(March 21-April 19)

The one who is easily convinced to go out.

“Are you going out?” “OK… fine, you convinced me.”

That’s an Aries nightlife personality in a nutshell. While Aries is much like its fellow fire signs, they tend to be OK with staying in and getting what they need done. You don’t give into peer pressure per se, but you don’t like missing out on a good time. You like being involved, and you even enjoy being social. On the other hand, you are so determined on your future or what matters that you also feel you can’t afford to do it.

If not that, it’s simply because you have about 99 other things you’d rather spend your time doing.

If the situation is convincing enough, which for Aries it isn’t hard, you’re down for a grand ole time. And once at the bar, you’re one hell of a time. You just aren’t super wild, like Leo and Sagittarius….. but don’t test you, either.

As the alphas of groups, you, Aries, feel like you’re almost letting your crew down when you don’t join them, which is why once a few people keep asking you about your plans, you say screw it and decide it’s time for a night out… which yes, becomes recurring for you.

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2. Taurus

(April 20-May 20)

The one who tries not going out but ends up doing it anyway. 

We find ourselves trying to convince our Taurus friend to come out, but they end up having other focuses that make them hesitant: you need rest for class or work, you don’t want to spend the money, or you really just don’t feel like it. While it may take some convincing to get you out, there are many times where you end up going through with it.

After you get through this phase, you are rowdy. As a matter of fact, you do the opposite of what you were hoping to avoid. Instead, you end up spending more money; meanwhile, you’re one who isn’t afraid to get down, dancing, singing, and even being a lot more social than your nature typically provides. Sure, you’re kind-of responsible, but that no longer becomes a concept when you’re going out.

Once you wake up, you don’t regret your night. Kind of like Aries, no matter how much you try convincing yourself you don’t want to go out next time, chances are, you’re going to when someone can convince you it’s worth it.

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3. Gemini

(May 21-June 20)

The one who goes MIA. 

Has anyone seen Gemini? Gemini, you’re a lot like Aquarius. Everyone sees you one minute, then the next you are somewhere completely different. Except while Aquarius doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing, you usually do. When going out, you may have more than one motive for going out. It’s also likely, Gemini, that you have quite a few people to see or catch up with. It isn’t typical to see a Gemini with the same group of people all night.

Once you start drinking, you want an interesting night worth putting in the books. You’re fun and definitely the entertaining drunk. Geminis aren’t so much the slop tarts of the zodiacs, but sometimes they test their limits. Before we know it, we don’t hear from you for a day or two. Strangely enough, Gemini, you probably have an interesting story to tell us all when you come out from underneath the rock and blanket of lost dignity from what you probably did.

This makes you want to avoid people at all costs, or simply because you’re flighty and wanted to do something spontaneous or intriguing. It’s okay…. we’ll see you on the flip side. We always do.

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4. Cancer

(June 21-July 22)

The person no one expected to get lit AF.

Cancer is amusing. You are typically the more home-bodied friend who doesn’t mind staying in and remaining to themselves or a small group. While being friendly and humorous, you are reserved. In everyday life, you are subtle, kind, and gentle which is why everyone gets confused when they see you out getting down and having a good time.

When Cancer goes out, you are unexpectedly fun. As a matter of fact, you tend to be the more fun friend who everyone gets really excited about going out with….. well, depending on your relationship status.

You’re sociable and able to pound a few easily. You do result to stupid things at times, but when we see that it’s our beloved Cancer, we can’t help but love you. In other words, when Cancer is going out, get the crew together because this isn’t an everyday thing to see. Absolutely a time out with Cancer is one to remember.

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5. Leo

(July 23-August 22)

The one who decides the entire bar or party is their best friend for the night.

Leos are the social butterflies of the zodiac. Anywhere and everywhere you go, you find yourself meeting and greeting someone new. Commonly, you reach out to groups beyond your familiarity, which partially comes from this magnetism that draws people to you.

For more reserved Leo, you probably just avoid the going out scene or stick to your close group as if they are the bodyguards of your royal highness.

So, when you’re out, imagine having every random person you remember greeting under the same roof. Leo shows up with their friend group and somehow makes their rounds around the bar to have a conversation with everyone. They’ll go dance and get down some, then they’ll go to the bar area to drink it up with another random person they know.

Leo is the one who walks around like “AYYYY” to even the people they low-key don’t care for. Why? Leos plus alcohol plus a social scene equals someone who wants to be best friends with everyone.

Sometimes, Leo, you are totally cool with making amends to people who originally rubbed you the wrong way, which does you a lot of justice when they’re nice to you for now on… and you’re sober and confused on what happened.

In the midst of it all, this is the grounds for Leo to extend their friendship to other groups and meet new people. In the morning, however, you probably need plenty of cat naps, good food, and a day of healing.

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6. Virgo

(August 23-September 22)

The one who gets pure entertainment out of the drunks around them.

Virgo, you’re a weird one. You’re all for a night out, and it’s safe to say that you’re fun. However, you aren’t so much the one to be the center of attention or the drunk acting out. You drink to get your desired level of drunk, but you are not the one sitting at the bar pounding shots (unless you know that it won’t turn you to a slop tart).

You may be feeling super straight yourself, but the kick of your night is seeing the dumb shit everyone around you is doing. You’re sociable, but you low-key think to yourself, “Wow, I’m glad I don’t do that” about the drunks around you.

You aren’t necessarily judgmental; it’s either because you’ve learned your lesson the hard way, or because you are all about having control of your situation. However, Virgo, this does not imply that you are fully responsible.

Virgos, when drinking, loosen up a lot and will go with the flow more easily. Sure, you may have your slip-ups and mistakes that result in temporary loss of your dignity. However, you do not typically want to be the drunkest one in the room… or for anyone to know it, at least!

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7. Libra

(September 23-October 22)

The one ready to get TF down. 

Libra, you’re not wild per se, but fun can definitely fit your description. On a normal day, you like to remain to yourself. You value ‘you’ time and need your rejuvenation. You’re productive, but you’re also really lazy. When you actually get off your ass to be productive, you’re a people person. (Clarify- you try to be though sometimes you really just don’t feel ’em.)

Outgoing, charming, and fun, your personality from your day to day shifts to a wild child ready to get down. Get a few drinks in a Libra and one will meet a new friend on the dance floor. You will dance with anyone and everyone—not provocatively, of course. Hugs, too, come with the drunk Libra. You are a lot friendlier than they are during your ‘moods’ on a normal day.

People mistake this as being rude, but honestly, they just don’t understand your need to be left alone. When you get that time, your going-out time is an outlet for the energy (and money) you’ve built up. Libra is there to show everyone out and have a damn good time.

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8. Scorpio

(October 23-November 21)

The ‘hit or miss’; literally a ride-or-die experience. 

Scorpios are complex yet interesting. People are thrown off by your nature because you shift back and forth between positive and negative. In some sense, people consider you the ‘bipolar’ zodiac. However, this is simply because Scorpios are emotional yet poised. Therefore, going out with you is either the wild ride of someone’s life or an experience they try to bury in their subconscious forever.

Underneath the surface, some Scorpios can be bat s***, totally. On the other hand, you can be pretty positive people who keep their eye on what matters to them. With that being said, Scorpio, you are either the really fun drunk your friends can’t soak up enough, or you’re the friend who’s coping with something that results in you being the complete slop tart.

When things in life are going great for you, going out is a personal celebration for you. Bring on the margs and turn up. Strangely enough, Scorpios are also good at setting alcohol limits for themselves. Therefore, it isn’t often you’re going to find yourself as the drunkest one in the room. Fun? Oh, yeah. Put on a good song and you’ll probably sing it. You’ll dance, talk, and have fun.

If Scorpio is coping with anything, you may be vocal about if you’re hurt, but you’re going to move forward and pretend it didn’t happen… and chances are you’re either upset or salty. If withdrawing isn’t their first approach, going out is… well, your outlet.

You typically withdraw from going out. If you do go out, then we can expect a sloptart. Don’t hate on Scorpio, sometimes they struggle with healthily expressing emotions… especially when alcohol is involved.

We can’t help but love you Scorpio… but you never know which side we’re going to get from you. When it’s good, you’re a fun time, to say the least.

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9. Sagittarius

(November 22-December 21)

The one who insists “I’m not even that drunk.”

You’re fierce, fun, and wild. Amongst the party faces in the crowd, at least a third of them are bound to be a Sag. No matter how drunk a Sagittarius gets, you remain dignified. You’re a hoot to be around because you’re fun and not sloppy.

However, everyone knows the Sag has a somewhat hard-ass mentality. You will try convincing everyone after half a bottle of liquor and eight beers later, you are totally fine.

You insist that you are not drunk… like, at all. OK, maybe kind of. Don’t be surprised if you get into those “deep drunk life talks.” As a Sag, you love meaningful conversation, and alcohol really just gets you thinking about life’s wonders. Sometimes, it makes you just want to do something crazy. Perhaps even hit on everyone at the party or bar.

Anything that’ll add to the “stupid s*** I did when I was drunk” list, you’re game. It gets better. You’re the one who wakes up the next morning —later than everyone else— coming in saying, “Holy hell, dude, I was soooo drunk last night.”

Funny, didn’t you try convincing us otherwise last night? We love you, Sagittarius.

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10. Capricorn

(December 22-January 19)

The one who drank more than everyone else yet somehow remembers everything.

I don’t say this because ole Capricorn can be a stickler and too serious. However, this is only because you are work-oriented and keep your eye on the prize. This doesn’t mean that when you, much like Taurus, have nothing on your plate to worry about, then bring on the fun times. A key thing with you, Capricorn, is your strong desire for control over everything. This includes your situation in a social setting. Responsible? Eh, kind of. I wouldn’t say that, necessarily.

Capricorn, when you can finally loosen up and have a good time, you go hard in the paint. Since you probably stressed yourself out all week over your work and school, alcohol is much needed. You tend to be the one who tests their alcohol limits. Somehow, after drinking more than everyone else, you seem less drunk than everyone else. To say the least, you hold your alcohol pretty well.

After a night of your alcohol binge, you somehow can still recall everything that happened. You may have spent too much money or passed out somewhere random, but you remember what happened. Impressive, Capricorn. Guess your serious nature does you some justice.

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11. Aquarius

(January 20-February 18)

The one who wakes up the next morning… really confused.

Aquarius, need I even bother asking what the hell happened last night? Everyone saw you one minute… perfectly fine. The next? You’re gone. No one is around to witness the events of whatever Aquarius is dealing with. Aquarius is being too free-spirited and just taking anything thrown your way, which leads to a lot of confusion in the morning.

Aquarius has some MIA tendencies, but this mainly comes out when you’re drunk. It’s not to say you’re a slop show. I’m just saying that no one, including yourself, can really give an explanation on how your night went. Sometimes, you wish you hadn’t gotten involved in it. Sometimes you even drink while doing this just so you don’t have to mentally deal with it. You assign a whole new meaning to “go with the flow”.

After whatever chain of events that happened, your overly analytical mind has you thinking deep. How did I end up there? How did I end up even talking to this person? Didn’t I ride with someone else? Someone help.

“How was your night?” “Fun… but man I don’t even know,” is a common response of an Aquarian. Most of the time, if you aren’t bound to tell an eventful story that is novel-worthy, then it gets left at that.

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12. Pisces

(February 19-March 20)

The one pretending that they actually want to be out right now and gets too drunk to cope with it.

Pisces, there’s nothing wrong with this. You don’t mind being social because you do like people. Well, for the most part. Kind of.

However, you’re home-bodied and prefer being with a close-knit group. The social scene isn’t really for you most of the time, but when you do get in those moods to go out and have fun, you put on a smile and drink your drink. You may drink more than you’d like just to get a buzz. You’ll dance or talk to people you actually don’t mind talking to. Sometimes, it’s intriguing for you to do something different.

When Pisces do go out, they’re fun to be around. You aren’t the center of attention and tend to stay towards your group, but you don’t usually mind talking to people you’re pretty cool with. However, you usually pound the drinks back to avoid the reality of being out. Which yes, sometimes leaves people searching for you before the night is over.

Most of the time, however, you wish you were still at home. You count down the hours until you can go get food then go to bed. If the after party lasts after three, you call it quits if you aren’t shmammered. You’re not a party pooper; you just get over it real quick.

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