These Are The 7 Obvious Signs He Brings Out The Worst In You

Some guys, no matter how attractive or interesting they seem at first, somehow bring out the worst in you.

When you’re wrapped up in your head and your overwhelming emotions, that can be hard to notice.

Check out these 7 signs that your boyfriend is making you into someone you shouldn’t be.

You don’t feel like your usual self around him

If you feel like you’re constantly suppressing your true self around your partner, that’s not okay. In a healthy relationship, each partner feels like they can be who they are.

Maybe you’re uncomfortable doing things your way around him because you’re scared he won’t like you, or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable enough to be yourself.

Whichever the case, if you can’t speak up and show your true colors around him, that means he’s simply not good for you.

If your friends have started telling you you’ve changed since you’re with him, and not in a good way, that’s your red flag right there.

You’ve suddenly become jealous

You were never before driven by jealousy, but ever since you’re with him, everything seems to bother you.

His behavior might be ambiguous or confusing and that makes you feel weird. Suddenly, you’ve started thinking that he might cheat on you and you’re doubting him constantly.

His every move makes you nervous and even though you can’t put a pin on what it is that’s bugging you, something always is.

You constantly feel tired and negative

Your relationship seems to take too much work. Every relationship takes effort, but somehow this one is exhausting for you.

It seems like you’re thinking about him all the time, and not in the lovely oh-my-God-he’s-perfect kind of way.

There are too many arguments and you can tell that you’re feeling overly negative about everything he does.

You might be trying to figure out what’s going with you to make you act like that, but the truth is that he’s just probably bad news for you.

You’ve abandoned other people in your life

It’s normal to have slightly less time for your friends and family once you fall in love and are in a relationship, but you feel like you no longer have true connections with other people in your life.

A person who’s good for you would encourage you to have fun activities without him.

If you feel like he doesn’t like it when all your attention isn’t on him or maybe that you’ve started to obsess so much over him and your relationship, that’s your cue that something’s off.

In healthy relationships, people spend a lot of time together yet still maintain their friendships, family, and work relations.

He doesn’t support your goals and dreams

It seems to you like whenever you set your mind on something, he demotivates you. You want to try a new hobby and he tells you it’s silly or stupid.

You may have told him about your dreams and goals and he’s either seemed completely uninterested or even tried to put you off them.

It seemed like nothing in the beginning, but now it’s becoming a problem. If a guy doesn’t support you in trying to be the best version of yourself, you shouldn’t be with him.

The one who loves you encourages you to chase your dreams


You’re constantly trying to overpower him

You feel like he has the upper hand at everything. You don’t really get how he does this, but you constantly feel submissive around him.

Lately, you’ve caught yourself intentionally planning to make him feel like less so that you can find your strong self again.

This is a clear sign he brings out the worst in you, by demeaning you or belittling you to the point where you don’t know how to react and are starting to adapt to his rules.

He encourages your bad habits

You may have started your relationship possessing the same habits. Now, you feel like you need a change and are determined to get one, but he’s so discouraging.

Whenever you move forward, he finds a way to pull you back.

A guy who’s good for you would definitely help you kick bad habits, and be with you through the whole process with his love and support.

Life is too short to waste on guys who you’re incompatible with or who downright drag you down with them.

Spread your wings and fly on. Being single is the best thing that could happen to you at this point.

If you stay with him, you’ll never get a chance to meet a guy who’ll bring out the best in you and love you the way you deserve to be loved.

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