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These Are The 10 Oddest Friendships In The Zodiac That Actually Work

1. Pisces + Aquarius

The two weirdos of the zodiac. When these signs come together, you will forever be confused on what they’re actually having a conversation about. Sure, Aquarius won’t necessarily understand Pisces emotional state all the time but intellectual and humor-wise; these two are inseparable. The reason why these two actually work in the long run is because with air signs like Aquarius, the minute they feel like a bond has formed and they become comfortable around your presence, over time they will let you in emotionally. That’s why Pisces is one of the best water signs to befriend an Aquarius. Pisces is patient, laid back, and is more than willing to explore the existence of extraterrestrial too.

2. Aquarius + Virgo

These signs only get along because they’re both really smart. This pair is actually one of the most popular pairings I’ve witnessed throughout my social circle. When these two come together, you’ll be thoroughly impressed by their plans to change the world, their discussions on current events and the level of appreciation they have towards each other. The reason why these two work so well is because they’re both intellectually driven. Both signs posses a high level of knowledge through similar interests and topics of discussion that over time, through constant conversations on current projects, ideas bouncing off of each other on what to do next, and a sense of dedication evident on both sides, the essence in authenticity of a lifelong friendship establishes itself.

3. Libra + Scorpio

The reason why these two get along so well is because they both lead an all or nothing type of lifestyle. The natural intensity Scorpio has, mixed in with Libras consistent devotion onto everything they love making the perfect recipe for an influential partnership. These two are relentlessly there for each other, not just because they’re supposed to, but because it comes naturally to them. Although they will definitely have differences to work on, something these two should never be worried about is their one of a kind connection that will always be there no matter what happens.

4. Leo + Virgo

These two are one of the longest standing zodiac friendships ever. Regardless of Virgo’s constant need for practicality and logic in anything they associate with and Leo’s need for attention and affection; these two will ALWAYS be friends. There is something rare about Virgo’s level of dependability and overly evident effort that could easily make any Leo weak in the knees. Virgos go according to any plan given, Leos love consistency and goal oriented people. Leos are career driven and ambitious, Virgos love anyone who has a sense of direction in their lives. For the most part, Virgos are good listeners and possess a strong enough opinion that could make any Leo listen and take into consideration. One thing’s for sure, these two know how to get shit done- precisely.

5. Aries + Taurus

This duo achieves the perfect balance of giving and taking. Aries has the ability to show Taurus the benefits of loosening up and not taking life so seriously. Taurus can show Aries how to achieve their goals more efficiently and consistently. Regardless of how much Taurus likes its environment to be controlled and structured and Aries’ sworn oath to never take orders from anyone, these two actually work. This earth sign actually always seems to be a candidate through this fire signs pursuit for either a lover or a friend all the time. There’s just something about a Taurus that intrigues the feistiest fire sign to become its friend for life.

6. Leo + Cancer

This friendship is fueled by matters of the heart. Cancer is a natural sweetheart and Leo has a pretty big heart overall. Although Leo isn’t very big on expressing themselves emotionally, Cancer has the ability to reach that side of a Leo. This water sign has the ability to create that safe space Leos long for in order to communicate how they really feel every once in a while. Leos are action-oriented while Cancers are emotionally driven. Over time, these two will have developed the sweetest friendship anyone would sob happily towards. All vices aside, these two bring out sides in each other no one else could uncover. Leos give Cancers that strength and confidence to face the world fearlessly and Cancers give Leos the ideal environment in emoting their truest emotions; no matter how ridiculous Leo may think they sound.

7. Leo + Capricorn

Oh, the money-making machines. There is no other fire sign I could think of that’s more perfect for Capricorn to be friends with. This is a business match made in heaven. With Leos natural ambition and determination and Capricorns relentless work ethic, these two have what it takes to build an empire from the ground up. All business talk aside, these two make great friends. Leos actually love having conversations with this earth sign, they admire the way Capricorns glamourize the simple things in life. Capricorns are the biggest fans of the greatest side to Leos, they are deeply fascinated by the way this sign carries pain and struggle through the days they seem genuinely happy. I personally love this friendship a lot, it displays the perfect amount of effort, love, and dedication while constantly achieving success together at every corner.

8. Aries + Pisces

I honestly think these two always become friends one way or another because their birthdays are close to each other. Each of their elements, character traits, and personalities from both attract them toward each other no matter what. Each sign has what the other desires to have. Pisces is fascinated with Aries’ dominance and wishes it could command some areas in their own life the way this fire sign does. Aries is mesmerized by Pisces’ emotional transparency and wishes it could also express all of its inner emotions without hesitation like this water sign. These two have one of the most beautiful friendships in the zodiac because they fill it with life-changing lessons, unconditional support, and experiences that cause both of them to never be the same again.

9. Aries + Scorpio

The “power” duo. These two love feeling powerful. Regardless of the power struggle both need to overcome, they could actually achieve some pretty great things. Once their heads are together in something, their friendship would be described as two missing pieces of each others puzzle. Scorpio is the only water sign that can call out Aries more times than you can imagine and Aries is the only fire sign that can satisfy Scorpios intensity of having that upper hand in more ways than one. These two could actually rule the world, once they decide who’s turn it is tomorrow- or next week.

10. Scorpio + Sagittarius

This friendship is similar to an Aries and Pisces. Both signs want what the other has. Scorpio desires Sagittarius fire and charisma and Sagittarius is in awe of this water signs way of mystery and seclusion. Sagittarius is the light of Scorpio’s life. This water sign is unfortunately prone to doubts, fear, and a lot of what ifs. Having Sagittarius around as a friend in Scorpios life would be very beneficial and highly recommended to every Scorpio who isn’t friends with any Sagittarius yet. This particular fire sign is the most optimistic one out of all of us, this sign lives for adventure and always strives to live the best life they will ever live. This duo makes great friends in the long run because they will constantly be each others source of inspiration and aspiration throughout their lifetime.


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