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The Most Successful People Are Born This Month, And There’s A Good Reason Why

The Most Successful People Are Born This Month, And There’s A Good Reason Why

Research suggests that being born in this month will boost your chances of going to college and reduce the risk of ending up in prison.

Research from the University of Toronto, the University of Florida and Northwestern University in Illinois has revealed some very good news for anyone born in September.

The study suggests that the ninth month is the best to be born in, with a higher chance of feeling confident in yourself and going to uni if you’re a September baby.

Being born in September even reduces the chance that you’ll end up in prison, according to researchers.

And it’s all because the school year starts in September, meaning September babies are the eldest in the academic year.

Especially in the earliest years of schooling, being that little bit older can make a big difference to maturity and overall development.

By having a little bit more life experience in the first few years of school, these September babies are likely to get ahead in class and become more confident as a result.

This confidence then becomes inbuilt over time, leading to better school performance and even more confidence.

The opposite is often true for August babies, who are likely to be a full 11 months younger than the eldest children in their year group.

While this may not sound like much to us, 11 months is a long time for a four-year-old, so the eldest kids are likely to be noticeably more mature than their younger classmates.


Over time, the September age advantage means children born in this month are more likely to go on higher education, according to the study.

Criminal youth offenses were also found to be lower among the children born in September, as a result of their relative maturity.

These findings were based on data from public schools in the American state of Florida, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t hold true in Britain as well.

The UK uses the same September school system, which can lead to older kids striding ahead on the playing field and in the classroom.

Funnily enough, as well as being the most advantageous to be born in, September is also the most common month for having babies in Britain.

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