The Language Of Love: What Matters The Most To Your Partner In A Relationship

The Myer-Briggs type indicator continues to give us insight into the versatility of human behavior. The widely used scale and introspective self-report allows both specific and detailed input on our psychological differences. As such, it is a wise and useful tool to utilize when it comes to assessing the love language of a potential partner.

For instance, the MBTI could help root out the best communication methods based on the varying personality types amongst other things. Hence, a deep understanding of your lover’s MBTI type could serve only you well.

Precisely, let us take a look at what matters most in a relationship; mainly, the love languages of all sixteen possible MBTI types.

16ISTJ – The Duty Fulfiller

The duty filler thrives on assurance and peaceful living, hence, this strongly relates to what they seek in a relationship and a potential partner. The ISTJ is not here for the drama and prefers to keep the peace over everything. As such, healthy communicating and transparency is key to keep this MBTI type happy.

He or she will seek a stable partner who can offer both comfort and stability, which in turn will breed a strong sense of security in the relationship. If you are looking to please them, keep the drama stacked away so you can live your best and peaceful life.

15ISTP – The Mechanic

The mechanic is interested in efficient problem solving and understanding the inner workings of all things. In a relationship, they will find meaning in understanding their partner fully. This can include everything from what their partner needs or expects from a situation to the truth underlying a conflict.

The ISTP seeks clarity and will go to great lengths to figure it out, but a closed-off partner is likely to turn them off and create frustration. They should appreciate honesty and a partner who is open about their feelings.

14ISFJ – The Nurturer

The nurturer’s wants are self-explanatory: They want to take care of you. Placing the needs of others before themselves is quite common for this type and thus they will cherish a partner who lets their guard down so they can swoop in to save the day. The thoroughly independent MTBI types will not do well by this sign, the ISFJ needs to feel needed.

The place the utmost value on caring for their loves and in a certain way, it nourishes their spirit. Thus giving them the space to perform this gesture will keep them in a happy place.

13ISFP – The Artist

The artist values spontaneity and a partner who caters to their creative side. Perhaps keeping things far from mundane will be best, as it remains one of the most important things for them in a relationship. Flexibility and openmindedness come naturally to this type, thus a stubborn partner may easily rub ISFP the wrong way.

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Moreover, this type is not interested in leading or controlling others and the latter is mutual. To be frank, keep it light and fun with this type and all should be well.

12INFJ – The Protector

The protector, much like the nurturer, holds profound concerns for the feelings of others. They thrive on their well-developed and strict value system to lead their lives. As such, the latter makes them incredibly loyal and they expect the same thing from their partner.

The protector values loyalty and trusts the most in their relationships. If they are to devote themselves fully to you, they need to know you would do the same for them. Showing acts of dedication and loyalty to the INFJ type is sure to keep issues at bay.

11INFP – The Idealist

The idealist’s focus is to help others in a meaningful way. They are on a constant hunt to make the world a better place and rely on their strong value systems to do so. Their quick wit and ability to come up with a plethora of creative solutions to problems is one of the many things which make them unique.

As such, the idealist will value a partner who is open to hearing out their ideas. They want to feel both validated and supported in their relationships so they may confidently continue on their path to save the world.

10INTJ – The Scientist

The scientist enjoys turning theories into solid plans of actions. As such, they hold exceptionally high standards for their performance in anything to ensure they acquire the results they seek. Thus, this type will find it most important to be with someone who supports their vision and trusts in their ability to take care of things.

As a couple, setting and pursuing common goals is expected, and you may want to allow the INTJ to handle things from time to time. This a type that likes to contribute to a relationship’s success.

9INTP – The Thinker

The thinker holds exceptional knowledge and logic. Their mind is running a mile a minute and much like the idealist, they need a relationship which allows them to share what’s on their mind. Openness is key to this MBTI type. They are quiet and reserved but once you have acquired their trust, they won’t stop talking.

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In a relationship, they will look forward to sharing their incredible ideas, knowledge, and discoveries with their partner. Thus, the INTP strongly values an open individual to simply and safely be themselves.

8ESTP – The Doer

The doer is a risk-taker who enjoys living in the here and now. Furthermore, their fast-paced lifestyles vouch for it. This type will mostly place importance on being with someone who can keep up. The doer enjoys doing and is most likely always on the go. Therefore, they will value an individual who is open to the idea of suddenly, for example, leaving with them for a trip across the world.

Evidently, this does not mean you need to be their shadow, but an open-mindedness to coming out of your comfort zone or trying new things is key here.

7ESTJ – The Guardian

The guardian enjoys being in charge because they are exceptionally skilled at organizing and runnings things. This type will feel most happy with someone who lets them take charge. Of course, this does not translate into being a push-over, but meeting the guardian halfway is needed. They thrive off of doing what they are best that and therefore letting them plan dates or activities will truly fit their love language.

A trusting and flexible partner will bring joy to this MBTI type. Most importantly, one who lets them take charge every now and then, without resentment.

6ESFP – The Performer

The performer easily attracts the attention of all because they enjoy putting on a show. They feel energized by entertaining others and making them laugh. This type will most likely value someone who allows them to move through their performative antics. Moreover, in being with a more-quiet type, this type will be easy to come down and find a safe place in someone who is more peaceful than them.

The ESFP is a shining star and they need someone who accepts this trait without resenting them for it. Support and appreciation for their star-studded ways is key to keeping them happy and remains top-priority to them in a relationship.

5ESFJ – The Caregiver

The caregiver is much like the nurturer and guardian–they need to take care of you so they feel useful. This type is strongly interested in serving others and so selflessly. Moreover, they feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility which is why you may find them in careers dealing with vulnerable populations.

These types will tend to value an individual who is not closed and transparent with their feelings so they can help them through whatever struggles. The caregiver is naturally mindful and they will do best with someone who lets them do what they are best at.

4ENFP – The Inspirer

The inspirer is overly enthusiastic about sharing his vision and creative ideas with the world. Despite being in love with the bigger picture, they quickly get bored with the details. As such, the ENFP tends to value optimism and flexibility in a relationship. The optimism will serve in letting them know their countless creative ideas will do well, while flexibility will keep things from getting dull for them.

While it may be wise for them to be with someone who is slightly strategic, it must not be too much as it will lead to discouragement. They seek inspiration in the world around them before they naturally aspire others. As such, ensuring you are a positive light around is optimal to the relationship’s success.

3ENFJ – The Giver

The giver has extraordinary people skills and is very generous. Their innate values reflect the need for someone who likes to be spoiled. The giver shows love through gifts and acts of service because they genuinely care about what others think and feel. If you want to keep them smiling, then let them know exactly how you want to be loved and let them show that to you in their own way.Most likely, expect to be showered with gifts and accept them accordingly to make the giver feel secure. They enjoy spoiling you and knowing you are pleased with what they come up with.

2ENTP – The Visionary

The visionary has big dreams and plans. Moreover, they are stimulated by people who share their vision. These types will tend to value common interests above all when it comes to their relationships. They want to know they have a partner in life who will work alongside them to bring whatever vision they have to fruition.

The ENTP is a like-attract-like type and they will tend to stick to their internal social circles to find someone who is similar to them in a lot of ways. This way, you may both conquer the world together.

1ENTJ – The Executive

The executive is a force to reckon with. A ruthless thinker and quick decision maker, he or she enjoys having the upper hand in most matters. As such, they don’t have the patience for disorganization or inefficiency. This type will thus enjoy someone who is equally efficient and assertive but does not mind leaving them in charge. While they do value a partner in crime, they also want someone who is understanding.

Let the ENTJ lead when it comes to what they are good at and then you may step in when you know best. This way of doing things results in a powerful cooperation wherein you may complete where the other lacks. A match made in heaven, indeed.

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