Men Vs Women: 30 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be a Woman

Do you know why word she starts with a shhh? It is because the female manifestation was created with a sensual whisper.

We live in the 21st century, but women are still mysterious creatures—at least for most men on the planet. Many artists who have adored women’s beauty have said that there is no greater muse than a woman’s soul.

Poets know thousands of words, but they always miss the one word that perfectly describes a female. All of the artistic pieces in the world could not put all the pieces of a woman’s heart together, and create a clear image of what it feels like to be female. An experienced woman can see things that will always be hidden from men.

Men Vs Women: Why is it better to be a woman?

Every woman is beautiful. Every woman is unique. Despite their beauty and mystery, there are some *funny* reasons why being a woman is preferable to being a man—aside from the usual suspects.

#1 Women are more likely to be forgiven when they are bad drivers. Everyone expects a woman to be kind of lost in traffic. A woman can park on a hydrant and not get a ticket.

#2 Women can have more orgasms. In fact, women have three different types of orgasms, while men only have one. After an orgasm, a woman doesn’t need to take a short break for another one; she is ready to go immediately. On the other hand, a man’s libido is not up to such a task. Man’s orgasm needs an erection, while woman’s orgasm needs only the imagination.

#3 Women don’t have to touch their genitalia in public in order to put them in a more comfortable position. Sometimes, a man needs to dig deep in his pants, even if he is standing in the middle of the highly-crowded Times Square. Women are not forced to act so brutishly.

#4 Women rarely lack arguments during fights, and they always have plausible excuses. Most men don’t have this superpower. When a woman uses her arguments in order to save the relationship and not just to defend herself, that is a superwoman power.

#5 PMS is the ultimate excuse, and it serves as a bonus ticket for emotional rollercoasters. PMS is like sending an angry SMS with a happy emoji. Even though it is a hormonal bungee jump, women know how to use it as a safety belt. “It’s not me, it’s my PMS.” On the other hand, men don’t have to go through all the physical pain every month. Chalk this one up as a tie.

#6 They don’t have to worry about getting bald once they pass 30. Baldness is an act of torture for more than 70% of men who have passed 30. Also, women tend to take better care of their hair. They can have more fun with it, change the color every time they have an existential crisis, or get a new haircut when they want to have fun with their visual identity. Women get to play the chameleon.

#7 Faking orgasms is a woman’s best friend. Men don’t have this privilege, because their orgasm comes with a white flag. A woman knows when a man’s libido surrenders. It is not polite to ask a woman if she has had an orgasm, in the same way it is not cool to ask her about her period.

#8 Women sweat less than men. Until a man decides to make her the sweatiest person alive, that is.

#9 Women live longer. No woman should be afraid of dying after her husband. She should be afraid of wasting her life by being with her husband.

#10 Being daddy’s little girl is much better than being a mommy’s son. It just is. The Oedipal Complex usually makes the relationship more complicated, while Electra’s complex can electrify it.

#11 They don’t have to worry about the size of their penis. Amen.

#12 Women are not only better at gossip, they truly enjoy it. It is okay to gossip. There is a certain charm in gossip. It has a therapeutic effect. Women can gossip with the best of them, while men sit awkwardly and listen.


#13 They generally have better fashion sense than men. They know stripes and polka dots don’t go together. Fashion is every woman’s wheelhouse. As Socrates would say, “The only thing I know is that I don’t know what to wear.”

#14 They are more tolerant and more empathetic. They don’t fall into temper tantrums as easily as men do and they can communicate via emotions.

#15 Women don’t worry they will fail during s*x. Need I say more?

#16 They can get drunk more easily than men. This might be an advantage when you are a younger woman. This might also be an advantage on the man’s side.

#17 Women can hug their girlfriends without anyone doubting their s*xual orientation. They can even kiss each other without being labeled as gay. A guy who uses something like a concealer, however, might be labeled homos*xual. *is that even fair?!*

#18 They don’t get embarrassing erections during massages. Also enough said.

#19 They are first to be saved if a ship is sinking. Titanic, anyone?

#20 Free psychotherapy with girlfriends. Men are less likely to have a friend who will listen about all the problems in his life.

#21 A short woman is a pocket venus, while a short man is a pocket dwarf. No one is going to laugh at a woman who cannot reach the top shelf in a supermarket. A man struggling to reach the shelf, however, is likely to attract leprechaun jokes.

#22 Women don’t feel pressured to know how to fix stuff in the house. A woman would rather fix hearts.

#23 Women are better in communication. To them, words are tiny bridges that bring one person closer to another. Men, don’t burn these bridges with your silence. Burn in passion. Listen to your women. Talk to them.

#24 It is more convenient for a woman to hide big ears with her hair. Men with short hair cannot hide their ears. Ears and noses get bigger with age, so if you’re blessed with larger ears, you’d better warm to the idea of having even bigger ones, with no chance of obscuring them.

#25 Most women don’t have to get drunk in order to express their feelings or talk about them. When you keep yourself silent, you are slowly dying from internal bleeding—figuratively, of course. But, still. Most men need to get alcohol in their blood to warm up their emotional speech.

#26 A woman definitely knows if the child is hers. No question there.

#27 They are not expected to carry around heavy things. “Oh, you’re moving? Have fun. Maybe I’ll bring some brownies by.”

#28 They are more capable of hiding their zits. A woman in makeup…expected/accepted. A man in makeup…Halloween.

#29 Women get more flowers. Women are such gorgeous flowers, men just can’t resist surrounding them with more flowers.

#30 Every woman is considered special. Women are beautiful snowflakes, and no two are alike. Men, on the other hand? Scoundrels, the lot of them.


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