Love Sucks! 10 Reasons that We Dislike It and Yet Crave for It

Love, it’s a beautiful thing, right? It’s what makes the world go ‘round, it’s what binds us together, what makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right? WRONG. Love sucks, in fact. It sucks big time.

Let’s face facts. Some of the most painful times in our lives have been because of love, maybe it’s a breakup, maybe it’s someone rejecting you, maybe it’s falling for a guy on a dreamy summer’s holiday but knowing you’ll never see each other again. Even when you’re in a happy and stable relationship love hurts you throughout.

Love sucks… and there are so many reasons why!

It really is a wonder why we bother with it at all sometimes. So, let’s finally lay the cards on the table and look at all the many reasons why love sucks!

#1 It makes us look foolish. Has there ever been a bigger fool than a fool in love? Love makes us do and say totally dumb things. It makes us put ourselves out there in ways we would never usually dream of. In short, it makes us look like idiots.

#2 It stops us from seeing the truth. They say love is blind, right? Well, love certainly sometimes makes us see things through those rose tinted spectacles, or we refuse to believe something about a person *even though it’s blindingly obvious* simply because we just love them too much to see the negative. Or, worse still, we end up in denial about the truth and get even more hurt further down the line.

#3 We waste it on those who don’t deserve it. We also lavish it on people who don’t want it or can’t handle it. What a waste of energy!

#4 It’s full of false promises. When we fall in love, we believe this person is perfect, we hope so much for them and hang on their every word. The more we fall for them the harder it is to see their faults, and then suddenly we do, and it’s all too late!

 #5 It’s a big ‘ol faker. Think of all the times you thought you were in love but then it turned out the other person was a total jerk the whole time. It turns out you weren’t in love with them at all. Love tricks you into thinking it’s the real deal when it actually isn’t.

#6 We get it confused with s*x. Love is very dangerous when confused with s*x. Sure, being physical and intimate can be part of love, but love cannot be solely based on s*x. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. That gets us into all sorts of trouble.

#7 Love sucks because when another person bestows it upon us, and we don’t want it, we feel like awful people. Unrequited love is bad when you are being rejected, but when you reject someone, particularly if that someone is a person you care about, it is even worse.

#8 Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough of it go around. Fighting over love is the worst.

#9 It causes us to stay with people who aren’t right for us for far, far, far too long. We do it because we love them, but in our heart of hearts, we know it will not end well.

#10 Love sucks because we sometimes stay in situations that are bad for us for far too long. We hope people will change, but they never do. We end up confused and hurting.



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