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How Understanding Your Astrology Can Help You Love Yourself More

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We all want to love and accept ourselves, but the way life is set up, it can sometimes seem impossible. This is the karma we are born into as human beings. Part of the process of growing up and growing into ourselves through soul evolution is learning to love and accept ourselves.

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In order to love ourselves fully, we must first understand ourselves. Astrology can be used to help us gain more insight into our unique personality traits and quirks so that we can understand, accept, and then love ourselves.

Here are the basics of how to read an astrology chart. There are many other factors within these charts, but these are the main factors of determination:

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Western (your masculine side, such as work, sex, and financial matters): Sun, Moon, Rising

Eastern/Vedic (your feminine side, such as relationships, communication, and intuition): Sun, Moon, Rising

Your sun sign is the core of who you are — your ego.

Your moon sign controls your emotions.

Your rising sign controls how you appear to the world.

To use myself as an example, according to my Western Chart, I am a Virgo sun sign. Virgos are analytical, quiet, shy, and have anxious and perfectionistic tendencies. Not only do we have our Western astrology, we also have an Eastern or Vedic Chart. You can look up your Vedic chart here. According to that chart, I am a Leo sun sign. Leos are very outgoing, loving, friendly, and independent. My Western moon, which is in charge of our emotions, is in Scorpio. Scorpios are known to have deep emotions and to be very intuitive and creative. My Western ascending sign is in Taurus, which is how I appear to the world, which can seem very laid back, chill, and earthy.

Human beings are very complicated creatures with many complex parts, alter-egos, and emotions. I was always so confused about my personality growing up, since I had so many seemingly different sides to myself. When I discovered astrology, things started to make more sense. Parts of myself that I used to hate or that were confusing to me, such as my shyness, perfectionism, and moodiness, started to come into more clarity. I began to accept myself for who I am and embrace my unique gifts, features, and talents, rather than trying to be like others and fit into the mold, as I had done my entire life.

Understanding astrology can also help us understand others better, and have more love and compassion for humanity in general. There were some characteristics in others that used to bother me, but now that I have a better understanding of astrology, I can see that it literally is just part of that these people’s personalities to behave that way. Though we can always improve ourselves, we have little control over who we are fundamentally, so while it is noble to embark on a journey of self-improvement, part of that process is simply to accept yourself the way you are.


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