How to Stop Thinking About Someone You Still Like

It’s hard being ignored by someone you like.

And at other times, it’s painfully hard to force yourself to stop thinking of someone when you know it just can’t work out.

I’ve been in many happy relationships myself and a few of them did end in a bad way where I was left in the lurch.

And I’ve been madly in love with someone who I know will never love me back for silly reasons.

At the end of it all, through my turmoil and pain, I learnt a few things that helped me stop thinking about someone you like, especially when they don’t like you back.

How to stop thinking about someone

You may have your own reasons to stop thinking of someone.

While the reasons to stop missing someone may be plenty, the ways are all similar.

Here are 20 easy tips that you could use to stop missing someone and realize where you’re going wrong at the same time.

#1 Make up your mind. What do you really want to do? Do you want to get over that person or do you just want to stop obsessing over them? Sometimes, clarity is all you need to progress and face reality.

#2 Look for closure. Don’t ignore the incident or avoid thinking about it. Instead, accept the fact that the event happened. Spend a day or two brooding over it by yourself and once you feel saturated by thoughts, let go and move on.

#3 Don’t feign memory loss. Don’t pretend like you don’t miss that person. Don’t try to forget that this person existed. Instead, just focus on ways to avoid getting affected by it.

#4 Find someone else to think about. If you want to stop thinking about someone, the easiest and perfect way is to find someone else to think about. Create a distraction and start obsessing about someone else. It’ll work wonders.

#5 Don’t look for ways to contact them or bump into them. It’s easy to fantasize about circumstances and happy reunions. Instead, give up on plotting ways to contact them and accept the fact that you are looking for ways to stop thinking of them.

#6 Think of their negative traits. If you’re smitten by someone, it’s time to knock them off your pedestal of awesomeness. Think of it, this person wasn’t as perfect as you imagined them to be. If you want to avoid falling in love with them, remember all their flaws and heighten them.

#7 Don’t be depressed. It’s easy to get depressed and suffer from low self esteem, especially when you feel like someone’s walked all over you. Have a laugh yourself and enjoy a good time. Watch funny youtube videos or a comedy to remind yourself of how it feels to laugh.

#8 Don’t stay idle. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Heard that one before, haven’t you? In this case, it’ll be the workshop of the one you’re thinking about. You do know it’s stupid to give this person any more space and time on your mind. So keep yourself occupied and avoid thinking of this person.

#9 Don’t stalk them, online or offline. Social networks have made it so much easier to stalk exes and crushes. While it may seem like a gift, it’s still a curse. You’ll never move on unless you keep all news of this person away.

#10 Respect yourself. This *special someone* walked all over you by treating you like dirt. They don’t respect you nor do they care about you. Do you think you respect yourself enough? If you do, why are you humiliating yourself by obsessing about someone who clearly doesn’t deserve any of your time or love?

#11 Learn a new activity. Learn or do something that’s always excited you, be it playing games or joining a dance class. It’ll fill your mind with fresh, happy thoughts that’ll eventually wipe away all traces of the person you’re trying to get over.

#12 Don’t criticize yourself. Don’t try to pick flaws in yourself and find reasons for their behavior. Sometimes, some people are just selfish or they just suck. There’s nothing wrong with you.

#13 Avoid romantic movies. Avoid romantic movies, songs and shows. It’ll just stir up all those locked emotions and turn you into a sadist who loves torturing yourself. Watch fun movies or for something even better, watch wild sexy movies involving lots of friends or single people.

#14 Visit new places or go on a vacation. Sometimes, all you need is a fabulous vacation with friends to clear your mind and focus on new things. You’ll come back feeling a lot better.

#15 Accept the fact that they’ve moved on. Remind yourself that they’ve moved on and forgotten all about you. You know what, this person doesn’t even care about you anymore! They’re probably thinking of someone else right now. Disgusts you, doesn’t it? Well, accept the fact and let that give you the strength.

#16 Don’t talk about that person with your friends. Indulge in gossip, but avoid talking about this person even if it feels sickly satisfying to talk about them.

#17 Pretend like you’re having fun. Don’t let your chin hit the floor. As screwed up as your life may seem right now, all it takes is your initiate to move on. Go out, meet people, pretend like you’re having fun and you’ll start having fun without realizing it.

#18 Get yourself a rebound relationship. Were you dating this person? Did you have a crush? Or was it just a friend? Your ex relationship status doesn’t matter here. All that matters is you finding a way to replace them in your life. We feel bad because of the sudden emptiness that’s in our hearts. Fill that up and you’ll feel no pain at all!

#19 Clingy and powerful opposites. Don’t let this person know that you’re hurting. Remember this, the clingy person who’s having a hard time moving on is the weak person in the relationship. And the more weaker and clingier you behave, the more easy you’ll make it for the other person to get over you. Do you really want to make it that easy for them?

#20 Remember that it will all pass. There is no short term plan or a silver bullet here. If you want to know how to stop thinking about someone, you need to take an initiative and have patience. You may not stop liking them today or tomorrow, but it’ll happen sooner than you know. All it needs is your strength.

Just remember these 20 tips on how to stop thinking about someone you like and it’ll help you realize the facts. You need to move on. This person doesn’t care about you anymore. You definitely have what it takes as long as you believe in yourself.


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