How To Be Single And Happy

Being single and happy is work. Especially in a world where love and relationships seem to be the ultimate goal in life.

The hours you spend scrolling on social media every day there are photos of couples, quotes about love, thirst traps, and sub-posts — aka cries for help because you’re tired of being single.

When single awareness is constantly in your face, it’s hard to combat it with positive thoughts about being alone.

Some days are good, some nights are annoying. The hard part is when you stop moving. But there are some key ways to be single and happy!

Don’t think about it.

Easier said than done right! But the more you do exactly whatever it is you want to do when you want to do it, the more your “singledom” becomes irrelevant.

Prepare for those waves of loneliness.

You know it’s coming when your patience runs out and your phone is dry AF. Prepare for those moments, don’t ignore them. Acknowledge how you feel and feel it. You will feel better in the morning.

Don’t post on social media about wanting a relationship.

Memes, quotes, posts that should be journal entries… we’ve all done it. But pull back from it. In the event that you do get with a significant other are they going to look at your Instagram and see a bunch of quotes that say: “Just put a do not disturb sign on my heart” #singlegirllife #singleproblems #dontneedaman #imtiredoftrying hashtag don’t scare him off already.

Spend more time alone.

This might sound counterproductive but, go with me. The more time you spend alone the more you will become comfortable with being alone. Go out to eat alone, sit at the bar for some drinks, travel alone, dance alone, turn off your phone or hide it for a few hours while you spend time at home by yourself.

Know that you won’t be single forever.

We might joke around in our heads about being alone forever and getting old with 197 cats in a one bedroom apartment. But part of us thinks that could really be our future. The clock is ticking! One thing we forget is, we have no control over when, where, how we will meet our future life partner.

But if we keep reminding ourselves that we WILL meet our forever person, then, we WILL. Nothing else to do but enjoy being by yourself until the time comes.


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