How Good At Relationships Are You Based On Your Zodiac

You always are down with learning more about yourself. Of course you are, right? You want to make sure that you’re living your life the best that you can and that you’re taking advantage of every possible opportunity. So why not find out some more things about yourself based on your zodiac sign? You can probably tell that astrology is pretty trendy and popular these days. But it’s not just a fad. It’s for a good reason. If you want to know how you behave in a relationship and you don’t want to ask your current or ex-boyfriend (because hey, that might be a bit awkward…), then don’t worry. There’s another way to get this information and it all has to do with the stars. And learning the truth about your girlfriend behavior will definitely make you a believer when it comes to this whole astrology thing. Read on to find out how good at relationships you are based on your zodiac sign.

12Aquarius: A Super Loyal Girlfriend

When you’re an Aquarius and you meet someone that you like, that means that you’re going to stay super loyal to them. What’s cool, though, is that you’re not clingy at all. It might seem like being all about loyalty and commitment would make you cling to your partner for dear life, but that’s not what’s going on here. Instead, you like to live your own life and you give your boyfriend the same freedom, which is really cool and will make you an amazing girlfriend. All anyone wants is a non-clingy person and that’s an understatement. Another thing that you should know? If you like a guy, that means that you absolutely adore talking to him. You find yourself attracted to someone’s mind more than their body. So when you think about it, you are super good at relationships. You are basically an expert. Phew. What a relief it is to find that out, right?

11Pisces: All About Those Flings

Unlike the super loyal Aquarius who are all about long-term relationships, if you’re a Pisces, that’s not really your scene. While you’re a caring person, you also tend to get scared about things, and you tend to trust people way too easily. You are said to have very short-term relationships because you like having fun and you’re also a hopeless romantic. Since you get caught up in the whole passion part of being with someone else, that means that you tend to fall fast and hard… and then that’s it. You’ve definitely heard of couples that have a real spark from the very beginning and then the spark dies out and, boom, the two of them go their separate way. They just can’t get that passionate feeling back, no matter how much they try. That definitely happens to you if you’re a Pisces. So even though you’re a caring person, you’re not great at relationships… at least when it comes to long-term ones.

10Aries: Great At Casual Relationships

Since you’re a fire sign if you’re an Aries, that should tell you all that you need to know about how good you are at relationships, right? It’s not that you’re unable to be in a real, serious, healthy relationship. It’s just that you basically love being in love… but only if there’s a lot of bedroom activity going on. You have no problem saying those three little words to someone so you definitely will say it first. Some people say that you can basically be completely addicted to getting busy, so that’s something that you should probably watch out for if you want to stay with the same partner for a while. It’s not like you want to mess things up just because you’re predisposed to enjoying those intimate encounters thanks to your zodiac sign. So while you may not be amazing at real relationships, you are pretty good at being in a casual situation.

9Taurus: Too Clingy

You probably don’t want to hear this… but you have to. Because if you’re a Taurus sign, then that means that you can become a super clingy girlfriend. This doesn’t always happen, but supposedly it happens when you start sleeping with a new partner. That makes sense, right? There are a lot of people who feel super close to someone once they start getting intimate, and that’s why it’s always a good idea to wait to make sure that you’re ready to that next step with a new person instead of just jumping right in. If you want to be good at relationships, then you might want to keep your clingy behavior in check and make sure that you’re giving your partner more space than you might naturally want to give them. Everyone can change, right, even if their zodiac sign suggests otherwise?!

8Gemini: The Worst At Commitment

Sorry to say this but if you’re a Gemini, you might have a tough time both committing to someone and even finding someone that you like enough to make them your boyfriend. It sounds awful but you can definitely take this information and run with it, and hopefully you can turn things around in a more positive direction. Supposedly, if you’re a Gemini, then you can fall out of love with someone super quickly. Your feelings change and it’s tough for you to feel the same way about someone for a long period of time. You get bored really easily so you can’t imagine staying with someone for years and years. It just doesn’t make sense to you. Since you basically suck at commitment, maybe you will meet a guy who will like you so much that he will insist that you two get serious, and you’ll like him so much as well that you won’t be able to say no. That would honestly be a great way to solve this zodiac-influenced problem.

7Cancer: Too Wishy-Washy

If you’re a Cancer sign, then you’re not very good at relationships. You get super into the person that you’re dating and this is always really bad news for your life. Instead of finding someone that is an equal partner, you pretty much will do absolutely anything for your boyfriend. You never think about what you want or how you feel. You just figure that if you’re committing to them, then you owe it to them to do whatever they want and live life according to what they want. That’s really the worst thing that you can do and it’s not going to make you anything but totally miserable. You tend to compromise a lot and it’s said that you will pick guys who don’t think about how you feel or what you want. Ugh. That’s probably not what you want to hear, right?! But instead of feeling like you’re the reason that your past relationships have failed, you can use this information to your advantage and start picking more compassionate guys to date, and you can stop letting yourself be so wishy-washy.

6Leo: A Bossy Girlfriend

Have any of your ex-boyfriends called you too bossy or controlling? If you thought that they were total jerks for calling you a control freak, the truth is that they might have been on the right track. Sorry to say that but being a Leo means that you don’t have the best personality traits. You are said to be selfish and stubborn and you don’t often make an effort. You are also too cocky and aren’t one to compromise. Do those sound like good traits for a girlfriend? Nope, definitely not. They make you a pretty bad girlfriend because they make you a pretty bossy girlfriend. You tend to tell your boyfriend what to do and you make all of the decisions without even asking him what he wants or how he feels. Of course, you probably don’t even realize that you are acting this way because it’s just how you have always behaved and it feels natural to you. If you want to find lasting love, you probably want to change your ways.

5Virgo: All About Steady Romance

If you’re a Virgo, then you’re not one to have tons of different boyfriends. You’re not even one to have short-lived relationships or flings. For you, falling in love is a super serious thing and you would never jump into anything. You’re pretty good at relationships as long as they are steady ones. You will be cool with dating someone long-term if you are comfortable with them and if you feel like you can trust them. But until you feel like you can trust a guy, you’re definitely not going to date him long-term, let alone short-term. It’s just not something that you would feel comfortable doing. It’s not like you’re going to get bored with your long-term boyfriend or dump him for someone else, so in that sense, you’re a great person to date. It might take you a while to feel okay with committing to someone, but once you do, you’re all in.

4Libra: The Peacekeeper

If you’re a Libra and you’re in a serious relationship, you’re a peacekeeper. This can make you a really good girlfriend… or a really bad one. If things are going well, then you’re right to make your relationship as peaceful as possible. You would never stay in an unstable or sketchy situation because you wouldn’t be comfortable or happy with that. If things aren’t going well, you might keep the peace anyway because you don’t want to fight with anyone and sometimes, you don’t tell someone how you really feel because you would rather not rock the boat. That would make you a horrible partner because you’re selling yourself short and you’re not allowing the other person to really get to know you and help you through a tough time. So this is a pretty subjective sign when it comes to relationships, but it probably sheds some light on how you have behaved with your past boyfriends.

3Scorpio: A Careful Partner

You’re kind of like a Virgo when it comes to how good you are at relationships. You don’t rush into dating anyone because you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right person and that things are going well. Your friends might wonder why you don’t sound super thrilled about the great new guy that you met, but hey, you’re a Scorpio and you’re going to wait a bit longer. But once you are okay with committing to someone, you are an amazing girlfriend because you basically never look back and you don’t regret that decision. So to recap: you’re really good at relationships because you’re a careful, loyal partner and you always make the right choice when it comes to picking the person that you want to spend your time with. This is a totally great position to be in because you’re in control.

2Sagittarius: All About Fun

While you love having fun with the person that you’re dating, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re all about hooking up. You are totally cool with being in a more serious situation. You just want to ensure that you enjoy hanging out with this person and that things feel whimsical and adventurous. You definitely approach love and dating with a sense of humor and you want to be with someone who is pretty funny as well. So are you good at relationships? The answer is yes, for sure. You would be a great girlfriend to have because you approach your love life with a sense of fun. You’re also a very caring and compassionate person, which also makes for a good partner. As long as your boyfriend isn’t like cling wrap, which is pretty much your absolute worst nightmare, you will be okay with things.

1Capricorn: Not An Easy Person To Date

Nope, you’re not an easy person to date, and that means that you’re not particularly good at relationships. You don’t enjoy talking about how you feel about someone, so that means that it might be tough for you to open up to a new guy enough to tell him that, oh yeah, you would like to actually date him. That’s super important, so that can cause a lot of problems in your love life. You also don’t like talking about emotions in general, so that’s another issue. The final reason why you’re not great at being a girlfriend? You hate the very idea of compromising, let alone actually doing that. Since being in a healthy and happy relationship definitely means that you have to communicate and you also have to compromise, these are a few roadblocks on your journey toward true love. If you can learn to deal with your negative traits and rise above them, then you can turn things around, so you definitely don’t need to lose hope. Sometimes all it takes is being aware, right?

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