These 7 Celeb Couples Have Chaotic Astrological Compatibility

If you’re a big fan of pop culture, you know how fun it is to watch celebrities meet, fall in love, and eventually make their debut on the red carpet. Some stay together for years afterward, while others have a love story that ignites and fizzles in just a few months.

Astrological compatibility can reveal a lot about how a couple might match up romantically. By looking to the stars you can learn more about your favorite couples and figure out why some manage to stay together despite being opposites.

According to astrologer Stina Garbis it’s helpful to see a person’s entire birth chart — particularly their Venus sign, seventh, and eighth houses — when figuring out their romantic compatibility, but there’s much to deduce from their sun sign’s ruling planet and element.

“Certain elements go better together, like water and earth, or fire and air, and for the most part signs opposite to each other may be very compatible,” she says. For example, the earth sign Taurus is opposite the water sign Scorpio, and they tend to make an amazing match.


Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

If you know anything about astrology, you might wonder how a Libra and a Sagittarius could ever make things work. As a Sagittarius, Taylor Swift’s sun sign traits are all about adventure, freedom, and idealism whereas Travis Kelce, a Libra, values fairness, balance, and romance.

As two mega-stars with extraordinarily busy schedules, it stands to reason that they would eventually have a few misunderstandings, especially if Kelce ever felt like he wasn’t getting enough attention. But this fire sign and air sign combo is always ready to have a ton of fun together, which seems to be true for Travis based on their recent trip to the Bahamas. They go above and beyond to make time for each other despite their demanding careers.

“At the end of the day, both [of these] signs want a harmonious, thoughtful partnership that will expand their human experience,” Rowena Winkler, Ph.D., a cosmic catalyst coach and astrologer, previously told Bustle. If Trayvis continues to prioritize each other and show up for each other like they have during the Eras Tour and the Super Bowl, they can certainly go the distance.

Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet

Leo and Capricorn have all the makings of a power couple, but their big personalities can sometimes compete.

As a Capricorn, Timothée Chalamet is booked and busy. This earth sign is known for being the workaholic of the zodiac, so he might end up placing everything career-related at the top of his priority list ahead of his relationships.

Kylie Jenner also seems to have a packed schedule and is always working on her business endeavors, but as a Leo, she likely enjoys getting lots of attention in relationships. As a fire sign, Leos thrive when they’re the center of their partner’s universe, so this duo might have mismatched expectations if they don’t communicate their needs.

For now, though, Jenner and Chalamet seem to be having fun as they attend basketball games and award shows together, mixing business with pleasure.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

When a couple shares a zodiac sign it’s often a good thing. Take J. Lo and Ben Affleck, for example, who are both born under the sign of the lion. It means they have shared values and a similar outlook on life. “Two Leos together can make the ultimate fairytale,” astrologer Clarisse Monahan previously told Bustle. This duo will have an abundance of passion, romance, and fun.

“There’s no more playful sign than Leo, and two Leos can mean double the merriment,” Monahan said. “This tends to be a high-octane connection with both having the same effervescent and light-hearted approach to life.”

That said, being so alike could also cause trouble in paradise. Leos are known to be a bit OTT and dramatic with their emotions and they can also be possessive. As fixed signs, they can be stubborn, too. While it can lead to chaos, it often means they won’t give up on their relationship without a fight. Case in point? J. Lo and Affleck famously called off their wedding, married different people, and then eventually got back together 17 years later.

Sabrina Carpenter & Barry Keoghan

After months of speculation, Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan made their relationship hard launch at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty carpet in March, where Keoghan wore a friendship bracelet with the Taurus singer’s name on it.

Donning the bracelet was a classic Libra move by Keoghan, who has also been spotted at Carpenter’s concerts smiling as she performs. Libras are big-time lovers, so it makes sense that the Saltburn actor would go above and beyond to be there for his new girlfriend — just like fellow Libra Travis Kelce.

This level of romance is par for the course for Taurus and Libra relationships. Both signs are ruled by Venus, so they often fall fast. As a Taurus, Carpenter likely appreciates Keoghan’s public displays of affection, while Keoghan is likely drawn to her strength.

According to astrologer Kristina Semos, these signs share a lot of the same energy in intimacy and passion, but they often clash in other ways. Taurus tends to be serious and stubborn while Libra is always down to have a good time, so the two have to compromise to stick together.

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

It makes sense that Katy Perry, a Scorpio, and Orlando Bloom, a Capricorn, got off to a slow start at the beginning of their relationship. These zodiac signs value trust and security, which means they often take forever to make things official. After meeting in 2016, this duo got engaged in 2019, and haven’t officially married yet.

According to astrologer Lisa Kiss, this water sign and earth sign pairing makes for a very compatible couple. “They can work together and create safety together,” she previously told Bustle. While Scorpio tends to be a bit emotional, they like having a Capricorn around to ground them and vice versa.

That said, this duo can have a few power struggles, as both Scorpio and Capricorn like to be in control. They can cycle through breakups and make-ups, which they might label as “passion.” That said, they often go the distance once they adjust and learn how to make each other happy.

Dakota Johnson & Chris Martin

Dakota Johnson, a Libra, and Chris Martin, a Pisces, have been dating since 2017, and while they aren’t traditionally considered a perfect astrological match, they’re making it work.

Libras are quirky, fun-loving, and tumble head-first into love. Pisces is equally enamored with all things romantic. That said, an air sign and a water sign can easily become complacent. They tend to be off in their little worlds, which can make it difficult for these signs to continuously pour energy into their relationships.

When this duo sparked rumors of an engagement in 2020, neither said a word, choosing to keep their relationship on the DL. According to Chelsea Jewel, an intuitive and karmic astrologer, Libra and Pisces can be low-key, compassionate, and peace-oriented, making for an easy existence, especially for celebs.

Johnson is reportedly good friends with Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, too, which speaks to the peace-oriented nature of Libra. The actress recently told Bustle that she believes in the saying that “blood is thicker than water”, so she holds her close connections dear.

Zendaya & Tom Holland

Zendaya, a Virgo, and Tom Holland, a Gemini, might not be the best match astrologically, yet they continue to be the internet’s favorite couple.

Earth signs and air signs aren’t always a good mix and according to Mitzye Ramos Ribas, an astrologer and owner of Tarot del Corazón, these two signs tend to have opposite personality types.

“[Virgos] don’t like surprises, and they like to be prepared,” she previously told Bustle. “On the other hand, Gemini changes interests quickly, is easily bored, and can be impulsive for the sake of experience.”

To maintain their relationship, Virgo and Gemini have to accept each other’s flaws, look for ways to compromise, and laugh off conflicts. This pair famously started as friends, which likely helped them bond and learn one another’s quirks before they became a couple.

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