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9 Ways To Deal With A Man Distancing Himself based on your zodiac sign

If you want to know why your Gemini man is distancing himself all of a sudden and how to respond to his pulling away, you should keep reading because I’ll reveal how to keep a Gemini man in love with you.

A relationship with a Gemini guy can be both a lot of fun and serious at the same time because Geminis are just like that. Deep down, they’re still little kids who only want to have fun even though they seem cold and too serious on the outside.

You’ll definitely enjoy dating them, but you’ll also have to be very careful and choose your words and actions wisely.

Just like the other air signs, Geminis are intellectuals. They’re easy-going, have a huge circle of friends, and there are no dull moments when they’re around.

However, like all other zodiac signs, Geminis have some negative personality traits that they aren’t particularly proud of either.

They’re real charmers, and they’re known as the most flirty zodiac sign. This is something that bothers their partners the most.

Sometimes they aren’t even aware that they’re flirting with someone because being charming is a part of their nature.

Another (very annoying) negative Gemini trait is their indecisiveness. Oh, and of course, their stubbornness. They’ll do their own thing even if the whole world says it’s wrong, and they’ll think about the consequences the next day.

Is your Gemini man distancing himself? Here are 9 Things to do

If you’re dealing with a Gemini man distancing himself, below is some useful information that you should read ASAP. These efficient tips will help you get your Gemini man to chase you and to keep him around.

Address the issue with him

Gemini males are very good at talking. They believe that good communication is fundamental to a healthy relationship.

That’s why the first time you notice that your Gemini man acts a little bit cold and distant, you should try to talk to him and find out what’s happening with him.

Please, don’t try to do it over text or social media. You have to talk to your partner in person. These aren’t issues that can be solved through texting.

Give him time to settle his mind

If your Gemini man ignores you, don’t obsess about it too much. Don’t force things, and don’t overwhelm him with texts and calls.

It’s not the way to get him back. He’s ignoring you because he needs time. Maybe he has some other problems he needs to take care of.

Perhaps he wants to rethink your relationship; this goes especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship because those kinds of relationships are a little bit more difficult to maintain.

Whatever it is, It’s irrelevant. The important thing is that your man needs you to leave him alone for a while, and now is your time to show that you’re understanding.

Step back and give him some spa

A Gemini guy appreciates his independence, and the very first moment he starts feeling that it’s endangered, he’ll begin to distance himself.

He also doesn’t like his partners to invade his personal space. He likes to keep his love life separated from his business life, and that’s why he needs to have his own space when he’s in a romantic relationship.

The best relationship advice I can give you is to step back and give him some quiet time to think.

Oh, and also, a Gemini man likes women who’re as independent and ambitious as he is, and you should probably prove to him that you have a full life outside of your relationship.

He’ll really start to appreciate you more, trust me. This won’t be a problem for Capricorn and Sagittarius women because they’re known as ambitious, independent, and disciplined.

Let him finish his ride on the emotional rollercoaster

Geminis are afraid of getting into serious relationships, no matter how much they love the other person.

They’re afraid of commitment, and when they start feeling something intense for their partner, they’ll start pulling away. They’ll be afraid of their own emotions, and they’ll need time to learn to accept them.

Unfortunately, you can’t help him with this part. He needs to fight his feelings alone. You can only try to prove that your feelings are honest and that you have no intention of hurting him ever.

Keep your vibe calm

Obsessing about why your Gemini man ignores you and worrying whether it’ll lead him to break up with you won’t do you any good.

You’ll only be more nervous, and you’ll only start doubting his fidelity, which may lead you to make some terrible decisions.

You need to block all those negative thoughts and try to stay happy and positive. Just believe in your strong love and that you’ll overcome this together.

Call your best friends. If you feel that talking with them about your Gemini man distancing himself will help you, open up to them about it. They’ll know how to cheer you up, for sure.

Try to reignite the spark

Are you wondering how to add a spark to your relationship? Seduce your man again. Act as you’ve just met and try to win him over.

You need to look your absolute best every time you know you’ll see him.

Instead of playing mind games with your Gemini guy (which is something that definitely won’t work), try to win him back with some games for bedroom fun.

If your Gemini man ignores you, it’s a huge red flag that the spark is leaving your relationship. Don’t worry, even if it has already left, you can light it again. You just need to show your man what he is losing if he decides to break up with you.

Love him now more than ever

Show him that he can always rely on you, no matter what. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, I know this can be a little bit difficult, but if you really want to get him back, you’ll find a way to do it.

Something is happening with your Gemini guy, and I know you’re feeling confused right now and maybe even hurt, but you need to show him that you love him despite everything.

Jealousy will drive him away!

This air sign is a real charmer, and you should accept it if you want to maintain your relationship. It’s something that you can’t change, unfortunately.

This is especially important for Tauruses, Aries, Virgos, and Scorpios because you girls are known as the most jealous of the zodiac signs. No hard feelings. It’s just a fact.

There are so many different ways jealousy can destroy your relationship. If you want to save your relationship, you must find a way to handle it.


Patience is the KEY

When a Gemini man pulls away, you’ll need to arm yourself with patience to draw him back. He can’t let someone in until he is convinced that the person loves him deeply and honestly.

However, once you manage to find the key to his heart, you’ll be his queen, and you’ll rule his heart forever.

As Anna Kovach, the relationship astrologer, says, “Gemini men take a whole lot of time, patience, and effort. They’re worth it, though, if you can learn to live with the way he wants to have the relationship. The ball will be in your court in the event that he chooses you.”

6 Reasons why your Gemini man is pulling away

To help you understand why your Gemini guy is distancing himself all of a sudden, I’ve made this list of a few possible reasons.

Remember, male representatives of this zodiac sign are very unpredictable, and somehow, you can never know where you stand with them.

He might be stressed out

Gemini males live a full life. They are always on the move, and they have a million goals they want to achieve, and they’re chasing them all the time.

His work obligations or some career issues might be the cause of his sudden distant behavior.

A Gemini guy can indeed accomplish anything he puts his mind to, but sometimes, he ‘has his fingers in too many pies,’ and he easily gets overwhelmed with it all.

Now more than ever, you need to show him that you’re there for him and that you’ll support him through everything, no matter what happens. However, if he asks you to leave him to deal with it alone, you should listen to him and step back.

His feelings scare the hell out of him

Geminis aren’t used to getting into serious relationships, and they may need more time to adjust. They’re outgoing and like to hang out with people. They also like to date, but they rarely catch feelings for the other person.

When that happens, when they start falling in love with someone, it’s all quite unknown to them, and they become confused and don’t know how to accept their feelings.

That’s why they need time to sort their feelings out. He’ll come back, but first, he must dive into his heart and understand what’s really happening in there.

The relationship is moving too fast for him

As I’ve already said, you must go very slowly with a Gemini. If they start feeling like you’re pressuring them into something bigger or that your relationship is moving too fast, they’ll get scared and run away.

Again, patience, patience, and more patience. If you love him, you’ll wait for him. And when he feels ready, he’ll make the next step himself.

He has changed, and he doesn’t like it

If he starts feeling like his identity has changed, it’ll definitely drive him away. He’ll see it as a threat to his independence, and that’s something he never wants to lose.

Actually, I have to agree with Geminis on this one. Sometimes, people change who they really are in an effort to maintain their relationship. It’s wrong, and it’ll actually damage your relationship more than you can imagine.

He has other options to explore

Gemini men are indeed too unpredictable. You can never be too careful with them because you can never even assume what their next step will be.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be a wonder if you find evidence that he might be cheating on you. If you still aren’t in a serious relationship, he might think that exploring his options and seeing other women is perfectly okay.

His feelings are fading

I said that Geminis are good at communicating with their partners. However, to be honest, it’s not easy for anybody to admit to their partner that they’ve stopped loving them and to break up with them.

Maybe your Gemini guy is aware that his feelings for you have changed, but he still doesn’t know or have the courage to admit it to you, and it’s, unfortunately, the reason why he started pulling away.

To wrap up

When it comes to love compatibility, the most compatible signs with Gemini males are Aries, Leo, Libra, while Aquarius and Gemini are a true love match.

On the other hand, some deadly combinations are between Geminis and Virgos and Geminis and Pisces women.

I know it’s difficult to understand this incredibly active air sign sometimes, but trust me, it’s worth the time and patience. Once you get him to fall in love with you, it’ll be forever.

I hope I helped you in dealing with your Gemini man distancing himself and that now you know how to answer to his pulling away in the right way.

I’m telling this from my own experience because I also have a stubborn Gemini guy back at home.

Don’t obsess about it too much because he’ll come back to you when he’s been alone to vent a little bit and solve the things that were bothering him.

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