6 Reminders When You’re Worried He’s Going To Break Your Heart

1. You have to learn to separate your old, lingering fears from your reality. If you’re worried you’re going to get your heart broken, ask yourself why you feel that way. Is it because he’s been sending mixed signals, flirting with other girls, acting sketchy whenever you ask him simple questions? Or is it because you’ve been hurt before, because you have a rough history with love, because you have a hard time imagining anyone falling for you? If he hasn’t done anything wrong, if he’s been treating you right and doing all the right things, then maybe you should resist the urge to run. Maybe you should take the risk of falling in love.

2. You could break his heart, too. When you date someone, you’re entering into an emotional contract. It might not last forever. It might be more temporary than either of you are imagining right now. But you might be the one to break it in the end. You might be the one who chooses to walk away. You need to remember, you’re not the only one who could get hurt here. He’s taking a risk, too, because he believes you’re worth it. Now you need to ask yourself if he is worth it.


3. You’ve mourned old loves before. Even if you’ve never been in a serious relationship, you’ve given your heart to someone before — and they completely shattered it. At the time, you probably thought you would never love again. You probably assumed you were done with relationships forever. But here you are. You already have proof you can bounce back. You know it’s possible.


4. If he does break your heart, it proves you aren’t a perfect match. Getting your heart broken isn’t the worst thing in the world because it teaches you something. It opens up your eyes to the reality that you two don’t actually belong together. It’s not a fun learning experience, but it’s still a learning experience. It lets you know your real love is still out there. You haven’t found him yet.

5. If you don’t give him a chance to break your heart, you might break your own heart. You might assume that pushing him away is going to stop you from growing attached to him and save you from heartbreak in the end. If he’s toxic, this is the right move, but if he really does deserve a chance, protecting yourself this way is going to backfire. You’re still going to be sad in the end. You’re still going to wish things turned out differently in the end. The only difference is you broke your own heart.

6. Your heart is capable of enduring any heartbreak. You need to trust that you are going to get over him eventually. Even if you feel like he was your soulmate. Even if you feel like you are never going to find someone who gets you the way he did. Even if you feel like you don’t have it in you to love again. Time will change things. Time will help you heal. But you have to be willing to change, willing to heal. You have to believe it’s possible.


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