25 Qualities of a Good and Healthy Relationship

What are the qualities of a good relationship? How do you keep your relationship healthy and strong? If you are looking for signs or ideas to know the secrets of a good and healthy relationship, the list below might enlighten you.

1. Truthfulness
Both of you are honest with each other, not just because you have to, but because you enjoy sharing the truth together.

2. Kindness
You help each other without expecting in return. You care for each other’s needs, not only for your own needs.

3. Compassion
You feel each other’s joy and pain. You understand each other’s thoughts and feelings even without hearing a thing. Your two hearts beat as one.

4. Respect
Both of you respect each other’s views and decisions, even if they are different from one another. The two of you also see to it that self-respect is well-maintained.

5. Humility
You and your significant other can easily swallow pride and quickly turn any petty quarrel into a memory that both of you can just laugh at.

6. Gentleness
When one commits sins or mistakes, he or she is reproved in calmness and gentleness, not in rage and vengeance.

7. Forgiveness
You forgive each other. You also forgive yourself. You do not dwell on the past but live in the present moment while looking forward to a brighter future.

8. Growth
Both of you learn from your mistakes and commit to never do the same mistakes again. You and your significant other strive to be mature and grow as individuals and partners in your relationship.

9. Knowledge
You know each other very well. Both of you know each other’s wants, needs, likes, and hates. It’s like your minds are connected and thinking as one.

10. Wisdom
Both of you have the ability to determine what is right and what is wrong. You help each other make the right choices or decisions.

11. Righteousness
You and your partner turn down temptations. You reject wickedness such as lying and cheating that could destroy your relationship.

12. Understanding
You and your partner practice the qualities of a good couple. The two of you actually experience what it is really like to have a good relationship. And through that experience, you understand what you’re talking about when you say… let’s continue to be a good couple!

13. Hope
No matter what happens, hope is never lost in your relationship. Regardless of the challenges, the two of you team up and never give up on each other.

14. Faith in action
You believe each other through deeds or actions. Aside from hoping for a healthy and happy relationship, both of you are faithful to achieve it, not only by believing, but also by doing everything to really accomplish it.

15. Selflessness
You don’t allow selfishness in your relationship. Each of you makes sacrifices for the betterment, success, and happiness of your relationship.

16. Self-love
Both of you love and take care of each other as you love and take care of yourselves.

17. Responsibility
There is a good partnership in your relationship. Both of you accomplish the duties and responsibilities of a good partner. The two of you also avoid the blame game, as you are accountable to each other.

18. Trust
You trust each other. You trust the relationship. And you trust yourself.


19. Patience
You and your partner do not complain about the hardships that come in your relationship. Both of you are patient. And your patience gives you the feeling of joy, not frustration.

20. Fearlessness
You are not afraid to completely love each other. You give each other true love without reservations. You are not afraid to be hurt or to be left behind, because both of you understand that it is more important to love than to be loved.

21. Extraordinariness
The love you give to each other is not ordinary. Anything you do for love, you always give your best shot.

22. Joy
No matter how hard and painful things are in your relationship, it stays in good shape because joy and laughter are the best medicine you always take to keep your relationship healthy. You and your significant other don’t let anything or anyone take your happiness away.

23. Contentment
There is no room for envy and bitterness in your relationship. Both of you feel blessed and complete. You and your partner feel like your dreams have already become realities.

24. Consistency
You are caring, loving, compassionate, patient, honest, and kind to each other, not only on Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day, but every day – not only during the easy times but also the hard times.

25. Love
True love exists in your relationship. This love unites all the qualities above to work in perfect harmony and keeps your relationship great, healthy, and long-lasting.

Does your relationship have the qualities above? If you are missing something, it’s time to work it out. You can always start with love.


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