20 Early Red Flags That Reveal How He’s Going To Treat You In The Relationship

Everyone wants to be treated amazingly within a romantic relationship. It is a dream to be treated with love, respect, and adoration by the person we are dating. No one should feel the need to compromise on something like that because we all deserve to find happiness.

Unfortunately, getting emotionally wrapped up with the wrong person can happen to just about anyone. The best way to avoid that from happening is to watch for potential red flags. Early red flags can pop up at any time and it is our job to pay attention to them. An early red flag can pop up during a dinner date, via text message, or just sitting beside the person you’re interested in on the couch at home. The problem with early red flags is the fact that even when people see them, sometimes they choose to ignore them anyway. Do any of these red flags ring a bell?

20. He Only Invites You To Netflix And Chill

Being invited to real dates is important in the world of dating. A real date means that a man took the time to plan something fun and enjoyable for the two of you to do. If all he can come up with is an invitation to Netflix and chill, he is not taking you very seriously.

19. He Never Really Asks You How You’re Doing

Do things feel very one-sided? You ask him how his day was and he tells you all about his day but then he doesn’t ask you how your day was in return? That is a sign that this is a selfish guy who only really cares about his own self-interests.

18. He Tries To Force His Viewpoints Upon You

If a guy thinks that his opinions are always correct, he is already dropping red flags! He might have a strong opinion when it comes to politics, religion, and other things but that does not mean his opinion is right. if he tries to force his views upon the person he’s dating, that isn’t okay.

17. He Takes Hours To Text Back

When two people first starting talking to each other they should be in the honeymoon phase. Talking to each other often should feel exciting and fun. If a guy is taking hours to respond then that means he probably isn’t that interested in taking the relationship seriously.

16. He’s Beyond Sarcastic, Even Jokingly

If he makes a lot of jokes but they always seem to be at your expense, that is a red flag. A guy who is funny and loves to joke around is cool but if the jokes are always super sarcastic and rude, that is a red flag. People who make harsh jokes but then laugh them off as if they aren’t serious are usually not the nicest people.

15. He Keeps His Phone Face Down Near You

Guys who turn their phones face down all the time are trying to hide something. They do not want the person they are dating to see the wrong thing light up on the phone screen… like an incoming text or phone call from someone else. This a huge red flag!

14. He Treats Waitresses Poorly

Treating people who work in service with common and gentle respect should be obvious. People who disrespect waitresses, bartenders, hostesses, baristas, and other service workers feel as though they are so above that level of service work, and because of that, they think can treat anyone “beneath them” without respect.

13. He Cancels Plans At The Last Minute

In the honeymoon phase of dating, two people want to spend as much time together as possible! Hanging out together, spending quality time, and getting to know each other is part of the excitement. It is part of what makes things fun! If he is constantly canceling plans at the last minute, it shows a lack of interest and respect.

12. He Says All His Exes Were “Crazy” (Because No, They Were Not)

Anytime a guy who makes the claim that all of his exes were “crazy”, it is a fabrication! He is trying to take the blame away from his own shoulders and put the blame on his exes when it comes to why the relationships failed. When a relationship falls apart, it is a two-way street. Both people involved had something to do with it.

11. He Uses One Word Responses Often

When a guy is texting, it is easy for him to show that he is interested in a conversation by putting together thoughtful sentences and letting the person he is talking to know that he is enjoying the talk! If he responds with one-word responses all the time, it means that he doesn’t really care about the conversation.

10. His Friends Make Offensive Jokes About Women

Birds of a feather flock together so if his friends make offensive jokes about women, it is easy to assume that he partakes in the same style of jokes when you are not around! If his friends are not the nicest guys ever and they seem to be bad influences on him, he is probably not very different from them.

9. He Doesn’t Dress That Nicely To Spend Time With You

When a guy is trying to impress a girl, he dresses in a way that makes himself feel confident and proud! He wants the person he is with to feel as if they are with an attractive and good looking guy. If he is dressed in super casual clothing all the time to see you, it means he doesn’t really care about much to put his best foot forward.

8. He’s Too Physically Aggressive

A guy should never be too physically aggressive! If he is prone to yanking on your arm, pulling you towards him all the time, and forcefully grabbing you, it is a major red flag! This is a red flag that shows that he could potentially become physically abusive down the line within a committed relationship.

7. He Drives A Wedge Between You And Your Family

If your family doesn’t approve of the relationship and you express that to the guy you’re dating, he should work with you to figure out ways to change your family’s mind. If instead, he chooses to talk down about your family and force you to side with him over your family’s opinion, it is a major red flag.

6. He Has No Visible Work Ethic

If a man is a hard worker, you can tell. In fact, it’s quite obvious. It is equally obvious to see when a man has no work ethic. Guys who are lazy and do not care about having ambition will end up being moochers who expect you to pay for everything.

5. He’s Disrespectful To His Parents

Have you noticed him being super disrespectful to his parents? There are plenty of adults in today’s society that grew up without seeing eye to eye with their parents. We do not have to share the same viewpoints with our parents to still show them respect, especially in public settings.

4. He Insists On Going Through Your Phone

People with guilty consciousness are the first ones to accuse other people of doing what they are doing. If he is doing shady things behind your back, he might assume you are doing the same. Paranoia will cause him to poke through your personal belongings and invade your privacy.

3. He Is In Between Jobs

It is not a crime for a guy to be in between jobs, but it is a sign that he might not be financially stable. People shouldn’t even really be trying to enter the dating arena when they are unemployed because it is not fair to the person that they end up dating… Whoever they end up dating ends up having to pretty much pay for everything.

2. He Is Opposed To Publicizing The Relationship

A guy who is proud to be with his partner would want the world to know that they are together. If he would rather keep things under wraps between you two for a longer time than necessary, he might be hiding something… like another relationship that he hasn’t told you about.

1. He Cheated On His Last Significant Other With… You

His last relationship ended due to infinitely. The chances of his next relationship (with you) ending in infidelity are already pretty high. The fact that the infidelity happened with you… and the fact that he started his relationship with you based on lies behind someone else’s back means you both are already walking on very thin ice.


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