18 Signs Your Boyfriend will be a Good Husband

Marriage is a totally different kind of relationship. It requires greater commitment, duties, and responsibilities than a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. If you have a boyfriend right now, you might be asking… is he a husband material? If you are still single, you might be looking for a guy who is a keeper – someone who will be a good husband and partner for life.

Whether you want to know if your boyfriend will be a good husband or you want to find someone who can guarantee to love you for life, here are 18 signs to check if he is a marriage material.

1. He knows how to love and take care of himself so you won’t be worried.
Your boyfriend will make a good husband if he keeps himself away from vices and sickness. This is because a good husband knows that he can only love and take care of his own family if he can also learn to love himself.

2. He is financially independent.
Your boyfriend is a husband material if he gives you gifts or takes you on a dinner date using his own hard-earned money, not from his parents. Remember that a good husband has to provide you and your children your own home, food, clothes, and other material needs. Hence, he has to be self-reliant.

3. He is spiritually self-reliant.
In connection with #2, he will be a better husband if he can produce kindness, love, and happiness within himself. He is a marriage material if he always makes you peaceful, enlightened, and happy.

When you get married, you will be spending more time with your husband. So if your boyfriend doesn’t comfort you when you’re sad, and you still need to run to other people to comfort you, then he might not be a good husband in the future.

4. He practices selflessness.
A great husband is always concerned about the welfare of his wife and children. So if your boyfriend always thinks of you first before himself, then he could be a marriage material.

5. He’s an inspiring leader.
He knows how to lead and inspire you to be a better person. He also knows how to teach children the right manners. He doesn’t tolerate wrongdoings but he guides you to do the right things. He is a good role model, as he sets himself as a good example of change he wants to see in you.

6. He can humble himself.
He is not fond of blaming other people but instead, he always admits his own mistakes and tries his best to correct them. He can swallow his pride and ego to preserve peacefulness and happiness in your relationship.

7. He can forgive and move forward.
He doesn’t record your past mistakes and uses them against you. He forgives them to live in the present moment and excitingly work for your future. He knows how to forgive, forget, and forward.

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8. He has self-discipline.
He can say NO to drunkenness, gluttony, profligacy, and other acts of indiscipline that will cause harm to himself, his life, and future family.

9. He continuously works hard to be a better man.
Becoming a good husband is not done overnight – it takes determination, consistency, and diligence. There are times that he will fail and disappoint you as a partner but he will never stop working out himself to be the best man in your life.

10. He is compassionate – he can feel your heart, joy, and sadness.
He cannot hurt and abuse you because he feels your own pain. Instead, he always makes you happy because your happiness is also his happiness.

11. He is patient.
He doesn’t easily get angry when you make mistakes or when you hurt him. He shows calmness and takes every relationship issue or problem with maturity. He can also patiently wait and take time when you need space.

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12. He is trusting and he knows how to trust himself.
You have a boyfriend who will make a good husband if he always wants to believe that you’re an honest and sincere person. Although he is suspicious sometimes, he always believes your answers and explanations when he asks you. He trusts you as he trusts himself.

13. Kindness is in his heart.
He is generous to you, not only with physical gifts like flowers and chocolates but also with tender loving care. He doesn’t allow hatred and resentment to enter his heart, as he enjoys kindness and love to reside in it.

14. He is loyal.
He doesn’t cheat or flirt with other girls, as he is already happy and content with you as his one and only girlfriend and future wife for life.

15. He doesn’t give up on you.
He loves you and no matter how many challenges your relationship faces, he doesn’t give up on you. He is always faithful and hopeful that your love story will survive the tests of time.

16. He accepts you for who you are.
Marriage is a union of two people who love each other until death do they part. In other words, it’s a lifetime commitment. When you enter into marriage, you have to constantly love your partner no matter who they were, who they are, and who they will be. If your boyfriend accepts you no matter how your look changes over time, then he could be a good husband.

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17. He is a father material.
Marriage is not just about becoming a responsible husband or wife but it’s also about building a family and becoming a responsible parent. If your boyfriend knows how to take care of his younger siblings, nephews, nieces, and other children then he might just be a marriage material.

18. He is a God-fearing person.
Finally, marriage is sacred. When you promise to marry someone, you also pledge to God that you will love him or her for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and in health. Thus, if your boyfriend always obeys and loves God, then that’s a clear sign that he will be a great husband.

Final thoughts
The list above is not meant to judge your boyfriend or any man. If he has the signs above, you are blessed to have him and you should keep him. If he lacks the qualities above, you are still blessed and you should try to inspire him to change for the better.

Remember that a blessing is achieved by doing righteousness – something that you’ve worked for, not something that others have worked for you. That righteousness has to start within you. If you want to see good signs in your partner, you have to inspire him by starting to show the good signs from yourself.

The both of you have to help each other to be a good boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, and a father and mother to your future children. By helping each other, you do not only become better partners but a better couple.

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