15 things you don’t have to justify yourself for

Here are fifteen examples for which you do not have to justify yourself

1. Being upset about something that warrants an emotional response.

You don’t have to apologize for feeling something or acting a certain way about something if it’s real to you.

2. Move for a relationship if you are invested and ready …

Or just make her relationship a priority if she is healthy and happy. For a relationship to work, both people have to make compromises and effort.

3. Wanting to get married young.

4. Not wanting to get married young.

5. You don’t have to justify your so-called imperfections with what you love about yourself.

You can be attractive without going into social norms. The Beauty Continuum Ladder was created to make us feel inferior and push us to consume products to solve our problems.

6. Make yourself a priority.

A lot of times we miss our own priority list because we’re too busy taking care of everyone else…

7. What you eat.

You can do whatever you want without having to say “I haven’t eaten anything all day” or eat your favorite meal without saying “I deserve it I didn’t make any deviations this week, I will start the diet again tomorrow.”

8. The weight :

Because size doesn’t really determine who you are.

9. The amount of makeup you wear or your hairstyle.

Your face is yours. If you want to stay natural or put on a lot of makeup, this is your business.

10. The choice of clothes. 

You don’t have to say that you are wearing leggings “because they are so comfortable” or a really short dress because you are “partying tonight”. These things don’t require any explanation, and you shouldn’t let other people give them the impression that they don’t.

11. Skip social deadlines for things.

Who cares that you’re 35 and just as single as you were 15 years ago? Life doesn’t start when someone or something happens and society says it’s possible. 

You don’t have to apologize for why you are not married or with a child. Our lives were not meant to be written the same way.

12. Not wanting to have a baby.

You shouldn’t have to justify the reasons why you are not motherly, but perhaps take it into consideration because “who really knows, maybe someday!”

13. Wanting a baby.

You shouldn’t have to face a lot of questions when you say you want young children. If you want to travel, you will travel. If you want to pursue a career besides motherhood, do so. As long as you are aware of the implications, no further justification is needed for other people who do not feel the same way.

14. The frequency of intimate intercourse. 

You don’t have to say why you spent the night with so and so, nor do you have to explain your celibacy.

15. Enjoying what we might call “guilty pleasures”

because they are “girly” things. You can get your nails painted and look “30 years or nothing” without having to justify yourself.

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