15 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last All the Time

Are you a nice guy?

Do you feel like nice guys always finish last no matter what they do or how hard they try?

Now don’t hate all the girls in the world for it.

Instead, look inward and ask yourself if you’re the kind of nice guy that all girls choose to avoid.

Yes, there are different kinds of nice guys, and almost all of them aren’t really as good as they think they are.

One of the biggest problems with nice guys is how annoyed they are with the world.

Almost all nice guys truly believe the world is unfair and all girls are liars because all girls say they like nice guys but end up walking all over these nice guys all the time.

But is that really the way the game works?

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Well, if you think you’re a nice guy who deserves the best girl in the world, here are a few things you need to ask yourself.

Do you have a nice guy in you?

All guys have a nice side to them.

But are you the one stepping aside so a girl can walk past you into the elevator, or are you the nice guy who lies on the ground and lets any girl walk all over you into the elevator because the floor’s dirty? That’s the difference that matters.

What’s makes a nice guy so lame?

Girls absolutely love a guy who’s nice. But they definitely don’t like a guy who goes overboard in trying to please them all the time, especially if they’re not in a relationship already. A regular guy may be nice to a girl, but a nice guy almost always ends up looking desperate and eager to please.

They try too hard to make a good impression, and eventually end up losing all chances of impressing a girl they like because they make it so obvious that they’re trying really hard to please. [Read: The right way to text a girl and make her want you]

Why are the other guys better than nice guys?

Contrary to a nice guy’s belief, the world isn’t split into just two kinds of men, the nice guys and the bad boys. There are great guys, sweet guys, charming guys, flirty guys, principled guys and hundreds of other kinds of guys who are admired and liked by girls.

So a girl just doesn’t have to choose between a bad boy and a nice guy. She has a lot of great options, and almost always, she picks any guy but the bad boy or the nice guy. [Read: 10 types of guys girls find creepy]

Of course, bad boys are extremely attractive. But I don’t think any girl takes a bad boy seriously or gives him a thought beyond a one night stand. The bad boy wants to have sex with the girl, the girl wants to have sex with this crazy guy, and there’s a happy ending by the next morning. But would a girl fall in love with a bad boy if she knows that he’s a bad boy even before she dates him or likes him? No way! [Read: Are attractive girls really mean to guys?]

So a bad boy is no better than a nice guy. They’re both the two extremes of a spectrum that girls don’t care about. The bad boy makes a girl feel sexy for a night. And a nice guy gives a girl a chance to have a man Friday to run her errands. Sure, she needs both these guys to have a better life. But will she fall in love with any of them intentionally? No way.

15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time

Nice guys make great friends, but terrible lovers. Every time a girl meets a nice guy, he usually ends up falling straight into her friend zone. It’s not her fault really, because he behaves like such a good friend that she has no choice but to look at him as a friend. [Read: How to avoid her friend zone and make her desire you]

After all, a guy who likes a girl will try to flirt with her or tease her, not just ask her if it’s okay to carry her grocery bags or wash her car for her.

If you’re a nice guy and are wondering why nice guys finish last, here are 15 reasons to help you understand yourself better.

So are you the kind of nice guy that girls would avoid dating? Find out here.

#1 Self respect. Nice guys don’t respect themselves. They don’t mind making fun of themselves or putting themselves down all the time, and they don’t care about getting pushed around by other guys.

#2 Too agreeable. Nice guys are too sweet to voice their real opinions and end up frustrating themselves. At other times, they may bottle themselves up with implosive anger and suddenly burst out one day out of the blue.

#3 Too needy and insecure. Nice guys start off as sweet and caring, but end up becoming too needy and insecure in a relationship because they’re always threatened by every other guy who talks to their girlfriend. [Read: A girl’s view – Are insecure men ever worth dating?]

#4 They’re boring. The nice guys are never very fun because they don’t like crossing the line into the naughty side no matter what. This quality makes them great friends who can provide good and stable advice about life but bad boyfriends who are too predictable and boring.

#5 A nice guy isn’t an alpha male. A great girl always wants to date a guy who can be in control of his life and gain the respect of his friends. If your friends don’t respect you or listen to your opinions, it’s a sure sign that you’re a nice guy who’s walked over often, even by your friends.

#6 Manipulated. Nice guys are easily manipulated because they allow themselves to get manipulated even if they realize that they’re being manipulated. This can frustrate any girl they’re dating because nice guys almost always end up getting the short end of the stick.

#7 Avoid confrontations. Nice guys can’t defend the girl they like and try to resolve any issues by trying to even the situation using polite words. They’re not assertive and never challenge anyone’s views directly. Instead, they try to get their point across through sneaky manipulation which can annoy any girl who hates feeling manipulated.

#8 Nice guys are weak. They plot revenge secretly, but can’t man up and take a stand even if they know they’re right. This makes them appear weak.

And then there’s the case of the sour grapes. A nice guy who gets dumped by a great girl always wishes and hopes that the girl dates some bad boy who treats her badly so she can know just how great a boyfriend he is. And seriously, that’s just the wrong way to go about it. If you can’t fix your problem, why do you want another guy to do it for you? [Read: How to get over a girl who doesn’t like you back]

#9 They want miracles. Nice guys constantly look to the future for a better life, be it by earning more money or getting a great job, but do nothing to change the present even though they know they need to change their behavior.

#10 Offence. No one takes a nice guy seriously because he never wants to offend anyone. He’s too accommodating and everyone treats him like a pushover.

#11 Nice guys get stressed by difficult situations. A girl would want to date a guy who’s her rock and her strength, not a scared pussy who’ll run at the first sign of danger. Nice guys aren’t protective or aggressive enough. He can’t fight for his girl, and that’s one of the basic evolutionary needs of a girl, to feel protected around her man. [Read: Why do nice guys always have hover hands?]

#12 Nice guys never lead. They always sit in the back seat of life. They may want to lead, but never make the effort or take the initiative directly. And they never really ask a girl out until it’s too late and then whine about how unfair the world is.

#13 Social strength. Nice guys are not socially strong. They’re almost always invisible in a group. No girl notices them until they make a move *as a friend* and then it’s all too late. [Read: Do girls ever like shy guys who don’t make a move?]

#14 Intimidation. Nice guys are always intimidated by strong personalities. If an alpha male likes a nice guy’s girl or tries to flirt with her, the nice guy wouldn’t have the internal strength to stand up against it. Instead, he may whine or sulk about it in the corner of the room.

#15 The dreaded friend zone. Nice guys always end up entering a girl’s friend zone. They’re really nice guys who make great friends and terrible boyfriends. [Read: How to get a girl to like you again after she’s lost interest in you]

But girls do want nice guys

As you can see, there are many reasons why nice guys don’t really make the cut when it comes to getting a girl’s fancy. And you have to understand this, girls don’t hate nice guys. They just don’t like the behavior of an excessively nice guy who’s nervous and unconfident.

Even a bad guy behaves like a likeable guy the first few dates until the girl falls madly in love with him just to win her over. It just shows that girls actually prefer dating guys who are likeable and nice. [Read: How to make a girl want you sexually]

The confident nice guy always wins in the end

Nice guys are more sensitive and caring. They make great boyfriends and partners for life. But the only issue with nice guys is that they’re not ideal boyfriend materials.

But as guys get older and the girls get older, lives start to get more stable and stagnated, and at times like these, the stable and predictable nice guy almost always wins over the reckless, adventurous guys. But can you really wait until you’re in your 40’s before you can start impressing women? If you’re fine with that thought, go right ahead and lead your life the way you always have been. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

But if you want to attract girls now, impress them and have a great time with them, learn to man up and face the world like a real man. Take responsibility for your own actions and don’t let anyone take you for granted. Voice your opinions and be taken more seriously by others, including your friends. [Read: How to be a man the way he really should be]

The perfect guy that all girls dream of is a nice guy who has a spine, the guy who’s sweet and gentle, and yet composed and confident. As long as you let a girl see that you’re nice and believe in yourself, you’ll always be chosen over every other guy in the whole world. Just learn to take a stand, and you’ll be every girl’s dream date.


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