13 Things You Swore You’d Never Do In A Relationship

Sometimes us single girls tend to judge those lovey-dovey couples who take selfies at the park and dress alike. Some of us can’t even handle being in the same vicinity as a smoochy couple. But all of that changes when we’re in a full on relationship, we soon find ourselves dressing too comfortably and oh yes taking beautiful couple selfies. Although there is nothing wrong with being happy and committed to someone, we do tend to forget that we once made fun of the people we have become. Read on to find out if you are guilty of doing couple things you never thought you would.

13Wear Your Granny Panties

We swear we won’t let ourselves drop to such lows, but when the laundry needs doing and you’re tired, the grannies will be pulled out. The granny panty, also known as the last pair in the pile, considered the bane of a woman’s intimate drawer does serve a purpose; it gives us something to wear while we wash our other racy, lace panties. Some partners finds them cute, but the truth is –any panty that screams grandma can’t be that cute.

12Ignore Friendships

Friends comfort us when we’re sad and/or alone, they give us wine when we need it, they tell us to straighten the f$#* up when we’re all lost and/or acting out. Friends are like a perfect snowflake –unique, but quick to melt away when heat comes. Our relationships are the heat that can quickly cause friendships to dissolve. We swear we won’t be that one, but unfortunately it happens; you’d just better hope that your friend is cool enough to understand that stuff like that happens.

11Wear Matching Anything

Ah the matching outfits. We tag our single friends to make fun of the matching celeb couples. We even sigh to ourselves when we see matching outfits sitting on the store shelves. But here you are, buying not one cute shirt but two, one for you and boo. Don’t hate yourself, just understand that this has happened to many of us. Ahh love.

10Share Strange Smells

If it’s not stinky feet or morning breath, then it’s bathroom smells, but you swore you’d never let your relationship get to that level. But a few months into the relationship you’re all about “f-it, it’s natural”. So you’re sharing strange smells and shaking your head at the same time, using the excuse that we are all animals and smells are part of who we are. It’s beautiful to be able to truly be yourself with your partner but sharing bathroom details will not in any way add to the intimacy in your relationship. If you have been doing this, stop today. There is still time to turn the ship around.

9Ignore Your Needs

If I had a dime for every girl who said she won’t let her relationship cause her to slip into oblivion or ignore what she needs –mhm. It happens because society tells girls that we should be quiet and submissive; even when it comes to what we want (& deserve). A girl who speaks up or loudly is said to be bossy and no one wants a bossy boo. That’s all wrong, btw. Any boo who has any type of good sense will know that a girl who speaks her mind is sexy as hell. Girl, don’t stay quiet –silent nights are over.

8Break Up & Make Up

At least one of your friends has done it and you’ve seen the horror –oh, the horror! Movies seem to glamorize it, too. The break up & make up game looks titillating and romantic; after all, there’s nothing quite like make up sex. You were all like “once we break up –that’s it” but look at you now, sending after midnight drunk texts hoping to rekindle the first flames of the relationship. Best you let that thing die.

7Let Him See Your Full On Beauty Routine

My grandmother once said that a lady shouldn’t reveal her beauty secrets and I’m kinda all over that. And I think I’m not alone. Women and men alike enjoy the magic of make-up, the mystery of wardrobe changes, etc. But when you all in a rush and the bathroom is the only mirror in the apartment, what other choice do you have? All the beauty secrets fly out the window like fake eyelashes, like extensions, like waxing paper.


6Like His/Her Likes

He’s into cars or sports or whatever; you’re all like “no”. She’s into heavy metal or yoga or whatever; you’re like “not me”. But…before you know it you’re going to his/her events, doing stuff he/she likes and your family and friends raise an eyebrow, smirk, and say things like “girl, I thought you didn’t like x, y, z” and you quickly defend your partner’s likes. That’s called compassion and love; that’s called bonding. There’s nothing wrong with it and you were a fool to think you wouldn’t fall for one of relationship’s natural occurrences. I just hope your partner isn’t into a weird things, but sometimes when you are in love, likes and dislikes are mere extensions of the soul of a person we madly love –so go be Furries together and forget what anyone else thinks.

5Wear Sweats All The Time

Luckily sweats are in and in fact are sexy to men and women. Lulu’s are just the most comfortable and sexy workout pants a woman can wear (they shape your bum so nicely). But we thought we would never get to the point where that is all we chose to wear when seeing our partner. Find out what your partner truly thinks about them, if they share the same appreciation for your comfortable yoga pants then our advice is to take advantage and go get yourself the sexiest pair out there.

4Be Jealous

Jealousy in Victorian Room Interior

Getting jealous is teenage stuff and you are not about that life. But before you realize it, you are feeling some kinda-way about the neighbor girl he says hi to or the waitress he smiles at; on the verge of exploding, you have to check yourself and fast. How did this happen? The truth is a little bit of jealousy is natural and good for the relationship, but if you feel a white-hot rage type of jealousy that has you thinking violent thoughts, you might need to address this issue with your partner or find out where this insecurity is really coming from.

3Stalk His/Her Social Media

It starts as something innocent, see who’s leaving comments, who’s liking what, who’s posting stuff blah-blah-blah, basic stalking status. Then it becomes an obsession; you are on your partner’s pages more often than your own, then you start investigating other people’s pages searching for any sliver of evidence any clue that leads to your guy/girl. Girl, you have to get a hold of yourself. Privacy is the right of every individual and trust is vital to every relationship. If this is happening, you’re not alone and you should talk to your partner –the roots could be deeper than a simple curiosity.


2Do The Self-Stick

We’ve all seen that couple and laughed out loud. Taking like at least a few dozen photos of themselves kissing, on the beach, in front of monuments, sharing a milkshake –and we gag and choke a little. Then it happens, bam –out of nowhere, your relationship has you in all kinds of love and eventually, it’s you holding out that selfie stick to capture life’s most important boo-ments. Should have never said anything bad about that selfie-stick couple, girl.

1Change Who You Are

So sure of yourself, you shout this from the rooftops. You will not change for no man or female, no matter how fine, no matter how much in-love, no matter how good the sex is. But who are you fooling? You are just one of many who has said something similar, then retracted almost immediately. Any relationship worth having should change you to a degree, but it should be for the better. Change can be good and positive and life affirming. Don’t get caught up with a partner that doesn’t have your best interest in mind and/or got you doing stuff against your ethics and/or your will.

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