10 Ways to be More Thoughtful to Your Girlfriend

Behind every successful man, is a strong woman who supports him. There is nothing sweeter and more wonderful feeling in life than receiving the love of the girl you love. She is your rock, your stability, your inspiration, your best friend, and your lover rolled into one and shaped into the most beautiful human being you have ever seen in this world. At times you may wonder, “What did I do to deserve someone like her?” or “What can I do to show her I love her?”. These natural feelings of love will bound to overflow you and seek more ways in presenting itself to the love of your life. Below are 10 ways to show your more thoughtful side to your girlfriend:

1. Listen to her. 
One of the most common sayings that you will hear nowadays is that “Men do not listen”. Do not be that guy. Your girlfriend is a human being, she will go through hard experiences even if sometimes they are only mundane things that happened in her day. She will relate these events to you because you are not only her boyfriend but also her best friend. Listen to what she has to say, you do not need to give her advice only just lend an ear and maybe a shoulder and be there for her.

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2. Make your friends, her friends too. 
Introduce her to your friends. Do not make her feel as if she is a separate person outside your social circle. Sharing your friends with her will make her feel like she is completely part of your world. By doing this you are showing to her that you are thoughtful enough to make her a part of your life that was happening before you met her.

3. Invite her out to unexpected dates. 
One of the most thoughtful and sweetest things you can do for your girlfriend is to take her out on unexpected dates. It does not need to be anything fancy or expensive, even a simple take-out order or a cute card is enough to make her feel extra special. The very fact that is unscheduled and unexpected will make her appreciate every effort that you pulled to make it happen. If you both have busy work schedules, then these impromptu escapades will even be more appreciated by the love of your life!

4. Do something for her. 
Being the strong and independent woman that your girlfriend is, there will be times when her plate becomes a little too full. Do not be hesitant nor wait for her to ask for your help. A thoughtful boyfriend will always be there to do her the simplest of favors – picking up a package, encoding some papers, or a tough assignment, etc. You do not need to serve her at her every turn but girlfriends are extremely grateful to thoughtful boyfriends who lend a hand especially when it is most needed.

5. Leave cute little notes for her to find. 
Buy a cute stationary, write short but sweet messages, and hide it for her to find. It can be in her bag, one of the pages of her notebooks, or even a digital note in her phone! You can also write a different note for every occasion or notes with messages that encourage her, inspire her, an anecdote to make her laugh, or a quick doodle of something you saw that day. Each note that you hide will be like a little part of your love for her that she will discover bit by bit each every day.

6. Cook her favorite meal. 
As the saying goes, “the quick way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” which is very true and goes the same way for women! Take the time to be a cook and prepare your girlfriend’s favorite meal. You do not need to be an expert chef to be able to pull off this one, because even if the toast is burnt or the chicken is bland, there is nothing more delicious than a meal prepared by the one you love and she will surely taste that love and thoughtfulness poured into every effort that you placed in cooking up that one dish.

7. Make her laugh. 
Never make her cry and always make her laugh. A thoughtful boyfriend will always make sure that the tears coming out of his girlfriend’s eyes are not because of hurt but rather because of uncontrollable laughter. Even if she is not in the mood to joke, help her ease what she is feeling by lightening up the mood. There will be times when you would receive glares from her after you crack up some good jokes but you will definitely know that the grin and laugh that comes after that half-second glare is absolutely priceless.

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8. Hug her tight during the worst moments. 
In every relationship, there are ups and downs. If you are together for all the positive milestones, then be there for her for every downhill part of the relationship. There will be moments where you will sit together in silent with her just crying. That is not the cue for you to start talking, instead, at most times, the only thing she needs is a warm and tight hug from the man she needs the most – you. When you hug her, do not let her go until she says so. Make her feel your hug that every fiber of your being is there for her, ready to accept and ready to listen.

9. Show interest in the things she loves.
If she loves fashion, ask her out for shopping sprees, if she is into art, visit art museums with her, or if she is an avid book reader, then sit with her through all the hectic book signings. Even if those are not your main hobbies, showing interests in what she loves doing will make her feel loved, appreciated, and that you care about her. Research about what she likes so that the next time that particular topic comes up, you will have a trivia to share to her that she does not know yet that will leave her nothing only feeling impressed but thinking that you are a very thoughtful boyfriend.

10. Always tell her how much you love her. 
After every fight, every time you part ways for work, when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep in the night, never ever forget to tell her how much you love her. Always remind her and reassure her that you love her no matter what happens. Making her feel like she is the only woman in your world is the most important thing. That is the most thoughtful thing that you can do for your girlfriend.

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A woman’s love is priceless, you can never repay her or reciprocate the kind of love that she will give. But that does not mean you cannot show her your own kind of love. People have different ways of showing their love to the women of their life, but one thing is certain, there are no limits as to how you will express your thoughtfulness and gratitude. Love your girlfriend in every possible way that you can!

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