10 Common Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them

Most couples, if not all, experience highs and lows in their relationship. No matter how caring or understanding you or your partner may be, fights or misunderstandings seem inevitable. However, these problems are not necessarily unhealthy; these can mean that you still have a lot to discover about each other as well as a chance to make the relationship stronger and healthier.

Here are some common relationship problems and ways for you to solve them:

1. Trust issues
You may have some trust issues because of your experiences in your past relationship/s, and that’s totally understandable. However, if you will let these trust issues eat you up, then these will hinder the progress of your current relationship. You might just end up losing the person you love because of these unresolved issues in the past; never let that happen. Have faith in your partner and the love that you have for each other. Live in the present, leave those trust issues behind, and give yourself a chance to be happy- without reservations.

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2. Jealousy
You may be the type of person who easily gets jealous or the one who only gets jealous when there’s an explicit reason to do so. Whatever the case may be, jealousy is part of human nature. A bit of jealousy is healthy, but extreme jealousy is detrimental to the relationship. Hence, know when to feel jealous and when not to. Trust yourself and your partner. When something is bothering you, always tell your partner about it. If needed, set boundaries, but make sure both of you agree with those boundaries. After all, if your partner loves you that much, he or she will not give you any reason to feel jealous.

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3. Insecurities
Insecurities are connected to jealousy issues. In fact, insecurity can be a source of jealousy. It can range from “His boss is more beautiful than me” to “She’s too perfect for me”. While it seems unavoidable to have some insecurities, these can kill you and the relationship you have with your partner. The best thing you can do? Develop a different mindset. Never underestimate yourself. If you really think you need to improve some aspects of yourself, then do something about it. Eat healthy. Do better in your career. Be mature enough to work on your insecurities. Your partner can always say you’re the best person he or she has ever met, but everyone has limits, so try to help yourself too.

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4. Communication Issues
Some serious relationship problems are rooted in miscommunication or lack of communication. When small problems are not talked about, next thing you know, you’re both ready to let each other go. Hence, don’t wait for small things to pile up. Take time to listen to your partner. When it’s your turn to talk, stay calm, and do not let your emotions get the best of you.

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5. Time
Time is an important language of love. Spending quality time with your partner is one way of showing how much you value him or her. However, sometimes, people get too caught up in their career, studies, or personal goals that they tend to forget spending time with their partners. While it’s admirable that you work too hard for your future together, you might regret it when he or she’s already gone. Hence, try to always set a schedule. When will you see each other? When will you give your partner a call? When will you two have a getaway? No matter how hectic your schedule is, always make time for your partner because he or she deserves it.

6. Differences in beliefs/principles
You may be partners, but you are still two unique individuals who may have different views about life, love, happiness, etc. Whether she’s a liberal and you’re a conservative is fine. Problems only come in when you do not listen to and respect his or her views. The keyword? Respect. Acknowledge your partner’s beliefs and principles. You don’t need to agree with your partner; you can always voice out your thoughts, but do not force your partner to change his or her principles and be a different person for you.

7. Broken promises
Relationship problems may start from a failed “I’ll see you tomorrow” to a broken promise “I will never do it again”. While it’s so easy for others to throw a promise, your partner may be quite sensitive when it comes to making promises. If you can’t fulfill your small promises, then the more that you can’t keep the big ones. Hence, don’t promise something that you know you can’t fulfill. Besides, you can always express your love through actions. Remember that actions are louder than words.

8. Infidelity
Once you betray your partner, it would be too hard for you to gain his or her trust back. It would even be harder to keep things back to normal and maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Hence, never ever cheat on your partner, but, if you just did, accept the consequences. Be patient enough, and constantly pursue him or her. Show your partner why you are still worthy of his or her love. Take the long road if you’re willing to win him or her back.

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9. Friends
Yes. Friends. Your partner may have some friends you don’t like. Or, your partner has too many friends that he or she hangs out with that sometimes, you don’t know what or who really his or her priority is. It’s alright; you have the right to feel that way. However, know that you don’t own your partner’s life. Talk about compromises, but don’t stop him from meeting people and doing other things. Try to meet his or her friends. So long as they are not doing any harm to your partner, then try to welcome them because they’re part of your partner’s life.

10. Intimate stuff
Do you have different sexual preferences? Is there lack of intimacy because your partner seems too busy with his or her job? Or, is your partner not as clingy as you are that you sometimes feel he is too distant from you? The key is to stay open to each other. Speak out when you feel uncomfortable with what he or she wants. Tell him or her when you feel you’re not getting the attention you deserve. Be honest if you feel unattractive or unappreciated because of the way he acts or treats you. Only then that you can both come up with compromises.

Indeed, no relationship is easy. Your partner can be your source of joy, but the same person can be your source of pain. However, believe in you, and believe in your partner. You are stronger than those problems. Remember that it takes two brave hearts to make the relationship work.

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